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UN Report Congo Group Experts – [PDF Document]

In this connection, I would appreciate it if the present letter, together with its enclosure, could be brought to the attention of the members of the Security Council and issued as a document of the Council.

The former combatant relayed that his commander had personally met Colonel Rugayi in Kalungu, and that FARDC vehicles arrived from Bukavu, the headquarters of the tenth military region, to deliver the equipment. Mutoka relies on the protection of top security officials in both Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. According to a top Ugandan intelligence official, the delegation was expelled from Uganda by the authorities following Mr.

Gold traders confirmed to the Group that both Mr. Murwanashyakas frozen e-mail account and has not received a reply.

Scores of villages have been raided and pillaged, thousands of houses have been burnt and several hundred thousand people have been displaced in order to escape from violence generated by military operations. Ndagundi, originally from Sange Uvira territory has lived in Dar es Salaam for almost 30 years and was once an associate of Laurent-Dsir Kabila, when the former president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo lived in the United Republic of Tanzania.

It is worth underlining that all the above MONUC disarmament, demobilization, repatriation, reintegration and resettlement exercises had been previously agreed upon by MONUC with FARDC chief of staff General Didier Etumba and the commander of Kimia II, General Dieudonn Amuli, who had acknowledged that disarmament, demobilization, repatriation, reintegration and resettlement deployments should be fully integrated into ongoing military operations. In addition, trading sources and a former Mai Mai leader interviewed by the Group reported that General Lafontaine, who has several kinship ties to the Nande traders in Butembo, acts as an intermediary between FDLR and many traders in Butembo, organizing the delivery of general goods to FDLR in exchange for brokering gold deals.

Similarly, the Group has obtained further eyewitness accounts, as well as confirmation from interlocutors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundian security services, that during the months of July and Augustseveral FDLR elements were observed fleeing FARDC military operations into Burundi.

The Group also established from analysing telephone records that in Colonel Nakabaka was in telephone communication with Major Fudjo Zabuloni, the commander of the Mai Mai Zabuloni in Uvira territory. The Group received several testimonies from FDLR former combatants and local gold traders in the United Republic of Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo relating to the transfer of several hundred grams a week of gold entering the United Republic of Tanzania from South Kivu, and comprising gold that has been sourced from FDLR-controlled zones.

Commanders of the tenth military region are not involved in the chain of command of Kimia II. According to the T2 case file, FARDC witnesses confirmed that the munitions were supposed to be delivered to Yves Mukulikire, a resident of Uvira, who confirmed that he had been a fighter in the Mai Mai Zabuloni and subsequently in the th brigade up untiland that he was the cousin of Colonel Nakabaka. This company leased the helicopter on 27 January to the Minister of Interior Security of the Democratic Republic of the Congo represented by the Congolese National Police annex The FNL dissident elements participating in the 9 April attack were reportedly recruited in Burundi by Congolese nationals and given money and weapons.


The local flight on 28 Aprilfor example, lasted four hours before the helicopter returned 243s209 Goma, and the flight on 22 April lasted six hours to and from Masisi, a destination that is approximately a minute flight from Goma.

This conversation, which was heard and transcribed by the Group, related to military instructions issued in March by the FDLR high command woln attack civilian populations and hospitals see annex 18 for a transcription made by the Group as the radio operator read out the instructions. While the Group could not document this misappropriation of funds, it received aoln reports both from presidential sources in Kinshasa and from FARDC officials involved in the operations.

The demobilized element alleged that Lieutenant Colonel Bin Mashabi had demanded that he return to Walikale.

Emirates Gold did not provide any solh to the Group supporting this claim, nor did it provide other documentation the Group had asked for and which Mr. Nevertheless, the Group is of the view that the Kinshasa authorities are aware of some of these leaks and have taken no appropriate measures, undermining FARDCs control over its own internal stockpiles and military operations against FDLR. The Group obtained several testimonies that FDLR maintains a relationship with General Adolphe Nshimirimana, Burundis head of intelligence, as well as with top Burundian police officers.

Former CNDP units have also forcibly displaced large numbers of civilians from land in the Mushake zone of Masisi in order to find grazing areas for cattle being brought in from Rwanda.

In the same e-mail, Mr.

UN Report Congo Group Experts

Bensusans exports from Rwanda this year, all but two of which are documented as having Rwandan certificates of origin, and which are destined as material eventually purchased by Cronimet, a company based in Switzerland which has a shareholding interest in Minerals Supply Africa according to Mr.

As a result, General Ntaganda, who is subject to an assets freeze and a travel ban pursuant to his designation by the Committee inand has also been indicted by the International Criminal Court, has been given the post of deputy operational commander for Kimia II although FARDC has repeatedly denied his position in official circles.

A number of mineral-exporting houses in Goma have taken advantage of the militarization of Bisie mine and the lack of Solb controls on the flow of minerals.

Muyeye Byaboshi, the owner of Etablissement Muyeye, that Mr. This information has been corroborated by several active FDLR elements, regional security agencies, Government of Burundi officials and members of civil society. According to several military sources, Colonel Rugayis 14th brigade was also heavily infiltrated by FDLR fighters when it was deployed in mining-rich zones in the territory of Kalehe. The contents of the e-mail account showed discussions in Kinyarwanda between the e-mail account holder and an anonymous contact claiming to be part of a Tutsi monarchist movement called the Mouvement Ruderhiwa pour la libration du Rwanda who wants to plan an attack against the Government in Kigali.


In addition, two Burundian nationals, arrested and interrogated by Congolese military justice officials with an element of the Mai Mai Zabuloni, stated that they had been approached in Burundi by recruiters who were specifically looking for well-trained soldiers. Mbarushimana, who was listed by the Committee in March Habiyaremye informed the Sopn that he transferred such funds to an employee of Kavatsi known as Shabua, who according to another RUD former combatant, acts as a courier for supplies to RUDUrunana.

The Group has received information from an FDLR former combatant, which has been corroborated by public reports, that Colonel Sylvestre Sebahinzi, alias Zinga Zinga, the 003 military prosecutor of FDLR, has moved to Zambia where he has started commercial activities.

The Group did not find documentary evidence on money transfers relating to Mr. The Group has attached to the present report a selection of receipts obtained from the taxation of various activities, including the movement of timber, minerals and vehicles, which are marked by official CNDP stamps annex Forces dmocratiques de libration du Rwanda-Forces combattantes abacunguzi In Julythe Group interviewed an officer of the th brigade who was arrested for having purchased 1, rounds of 7.

Vaya who tells the trader to come back the following week to sell gold. Casoliva was listed as an observer of an inter-Rwandan dialogue meeting held in Spain in April and supported by the government of the Balearic Islands annex The Group obtained a receipt of a Western Union transfer from Mr. The website was an important propaganda and fundraising 243w2009, registered in the name of Mr. The FARDC witnesses also testified to the T2 that there had been several diversions of military equipment in the three months prior to this specific incident, and that Yves Mukulikire was involved in at least two of them.

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Panju is run by Panju Zulfikar Ali, a Bukavu-based businessman. The Group has 243s200 two other gold traders based in Bukavu who have been in telephone contact with Mr.

The Group focused on 15 FDLR and RUD-Urunana leaders, including those based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and those who are considered by both Congolese and Rwandan intelligence officials as the most influential diaspora leaders and coordinators. Ndagundi also mentions the possibility of involving a Portuguese contact in Lisbon in financial transactions.

This fact was established on the basis 243s209 testimonies received from Congolese military officials, FDLR former combatants and an FNL former combatant directly 243s2090 in the 9 April attack. The Group obtained evidence that Mr. One of the principal issues of contention between General Ntaganda and General Nkunda following the latters arrest in January in Rwanda was the control of the financial and accounting structures of CNDP.

The Group has no independent confirmation of multiple and credible reports it has received from demobilized former CNDP elements that Rwandan military equipment was left behind 243s2090 the end of Umoja Wetu. The Group has been informed by several sources, including a source close to Mr.