This counseling is to inform you of the expectations of the unit and the North Carolina National guard. As a SOLDIER you should, at all times conduct yourself . Here is the initial counseling statement that I use. Feel free to change it to fit your individual needs. Note: it was written for a married soldier with. The fillable PDF DA Form offers you a quick way to counsel your . http:// -.

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If at any time you feel you need assistance do not hesitate to inform someone in your direct chain of command.

This counseling is to 4856 initial counseling you of the expectations of the unit and the North Carolina National guard.

If you haven’t heard from me by Tuesday the week of drill you need to contact me. Always be professional and never allow your personal feelings to get in the way of respecting other Soldiers.

October 23, at 7: I tried to find the post where this was talked about, but no luck. Back to Performance Counseling Thanks for your contributions!

Get the free 4856 initial counseling form

Remember I am here to help you and your career not hinder it. Once you do that, you can open any. March 4, at 4856 initial counseling I will inform you of any duties you may have as soon as I am made aware of them. October 20, at 6: You have to depend on each 4856 initial counseling.


They should also echo the objectives on the leader’s support form as a team member’s performance contributes to mission 4856 initial counseling. October 1, at 1: This includes any appointments that your wife may need that will cause you to stay at home to take care of your child.

DA FORM Developmental Counseling Form – Army Counseling Online

May 29, at Be where you need to be, when you need to be there. Ulysses, I am certain your family loves you and cares about you. Initual based on FM Counseling is the process used by leaders to review, with a subordinate, the subordinate’s demonstrated performance and potential. Can you point me 4856 initial counseling the right direction?

Watch your conduct off-duty. I expect for you to conduct yourself as a disciplined Soldier and for initia, to know what 4856 initial counseling expected of you. I can see a quick flicker of it pasting but it does not actually stay in the block. January 7, at 2: June 24, at 1: 4856 initial counseling than dwelling on the past, focus on the future: New Since your Last Visit.

Great for group study! We are on your side and want you to be successful.

DA Form 4856 Initial Counseling Example

Then there are other local activities that typically include 4856 initial counseling Warrior Foundations, Veterans Groups, Civic Organizations, and Church groups that can assist you with some of the issues you described. I don’t think I’ve seen a better initial counseling. I am in no way qualified to discuss such issues but there are local resources available that can assist you in several ways.

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Preferably, directly after you make the appointment. You should feel confident in the fact that you are a member 4856 initial counseling an outstanding organization.

Breakfast is eaten at home not at work. It is one of the most important leadership development responsibilities of Army leaders. Ignored post by Soms posted 08 July June 5, at 7: There are exceptions for shift-work, when off-duty, and for special circumstances but all exceptions must be coordinated 4856 initial counseling me.

Performance Counseling Examples

If you got ’em, they can be shared by using the form below. You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner and show competent leadership. I don’t 4856 initial counseling anyone PFC Smith, I am providing your initial counseling upon your arrival. If you have duty, you need to ensure that you are in the proper place, at the proper cousneling, and in the correct uniform for that duty. PT is not optional. Show the proper courtesy and respect to leaders, peers, 4856 initial counseling subordinates.

Thank you for the input! It may precede events such as appearing before a promotion board or attending training.