From : ‘The Elite’: Kiera Cass talks about the sequel to ‘The Selection’ – Author Kiera Cass talks about how she initially *thought* she knew which guy. The One by Kiera Cass. This the third book in The Selection Series. It was a fantastic conclusion to the series: sad, but so good, and I& thrilled by the ending. This Pin was discovered by Brigitta Barta. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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você já foi feliz hoje? — paginass-de-livros: A Escolha – Kiera Cass

They begin making out and they ultimately admit their love esco,ha each other. We learn that Marlee and Carter have a 1 year old son, Kile. The King calls America and Maxon some days later to his office and informs them that the Italian royal family has invited the King’s family to Italy, also asking for America to accompany them.

He asks her again about her feelings for him and he kisses her passionately to “force” her to finally admit her love. Retrieved from ” http: The next morning, when Maxon a escolha kiera cass tickling America and she screams because of this, Aspen barges into her room and catches them during this semi-intimate moment in their underwear.

Maxon simply sleeps next to her, both of them feeling safe and loved. She needs the crown’s fame more than she needs Maxon’s love. America returns to her home in Carolina for the funeral. When Maxon asks him what exactly they want from him, if not money, August says that they want him to choose America as his wife, as they admire her for every brave thing she has done.

America asks the help of Aspen to get her and Maxon a escolha kiera cass meet August. Later, Maxon comes to visit and tells her that he has chosen her to be his wife escoha future queen. America, although she supports their goals, is also angry that they want her w their pawn. Sign In Don’t have an account? When America returns to her room, she finds a letter from her sister May informing her of the birth of their niece, AstraKenna and James ‘s daughter.


She realizes that this was the King’s plan, to make her appear a escolha kiera cass disobedient or merciless to the public. She then gives each of them a letter from their father that he wrote before his death. The following article contains spoilers. America realizes that she really loves Maxon, but doesn’t admit it to him.

He did this for her sake, however, and he tells her to ” look unto the Esxolha Star. A tea party will be held and each of the Elite has to invite two a escolha kiera cass.

They all manage to escape and return to the palace, but America is shot in her right arm, a non-fatal wound, which Anne and Marlee help to clean and stitch up. He asks Maxon for weapons so that a escolha kiera cass Northerners can fight the Southerners, something that Maxon has to think carefully about.

A rebel attempts to shoot America, but Maxon leaps toward her to save her life and gets hit below his left shoulder. Maxon refuses to let them force him into this decision.

Suddenly, Southern rebels dressed as guards start shooting, killing Celeste and A escolha kiera cass among many people. ,iera and Gavril take America to the hospital where she reunites with Aspen, who is severely injured but alive.

America shares with Maxon her plan about the tea party: In the epilogue, America prepares for her wedding with Maxon, having Marlee as her only bridesmaid.

A Escolha – Kiera Cass

In the bonus epilogue, 2 years have passed after their wedding. Please read at your own risk. Now she’s made her choice.

She promises to herself that if Maxon survives, she will allow him to call her ” my dear. It was released on May 6, America has a private conversation with Maxon where she gives him his birthday present: Dancing under the rain, they kiss passionately.

Aspen, who a escolha kiera cass soon get married to Lucy, walks America down the aisle and gives her to Maxon, the two men now respecting each other. She visits Maxon in his room where he is recovering from his wound. The other Elite send the criminals to jail for some years, but when America faces a thief who is punished to jail for life, for only stealing some clothes for his children, she is unable to do this.


Maxon has decided to end the Selection and will announce his choice the next morning. He leaves in a hurry and America feels ashamed. America tries to a escolha kiera cass the situation, but Maxon refuses to listen and leaves with Kriss. Find out who America will choose in The Onethe enchanting, beautifully romantic third book in the Selection series! A sudden noise in a escolha kiera cass hallway though stops them from going any further.

A Escolha – Kiera Cass | The Selection | Pinterest

America, no longer in a celebrating mood, leaves the party and goes to her room. King Clarkson angrily forces Maxon to kick America out of the Selection, but Maxon insists that she is now too popular to leave.

August reveals that there are already three hundred Twos dead around the country by Esfolha. At that moment, Maxon appears again with Kriss and they are both shocked. During the engagement ceremony, America prepares herself to hear Maxon announce his choice of Kriss.

A lot of people attend the event, including all the Selected girls, August, Georgia, and even some of the Northern a escolha kiera cass in secret.

a escolha kiera cass During The Reportthe King announces publicly that the rebels are now attacking people by caste, the castes of the four Elitesstarting from the Twos and working their way down to Fives. They get undressed, almost to their dscolha, with America telling him that she a escolha kiera cass his back scars, because they are a sign of his love for her.

America realizes that the necklace Kriss wears depicts the North Star, revealing that she is also a Northern rebel.

A Escolha – Kiera Cass – Evellin

Lucy comes in at that moment and she and Aspen kiss, with America finally realizing and approving of their relationship. America’s mother dismisses May and Gerad from the room, and asks for Kenna, Kotaand America to stay.

When America returns to the palace, she finds that casd the Selected girls are there to celebrate the engagement of Maxon with one a escolha kiera cass the only two remaining Elite: