“Anne Cherian appears to be channeling Jane Austen in her wonderful novel A Good Indian Wife. Set in contemporary America and India, the book celebrates. 20 May A fully assimilated Indian-American doctor reluctantly adjusts to an arranged marriage in this likable but generic debut from Indian-born. 13 Jan I’ve had a rather difficult time coming up with a rating for A Good Indian Wife by Anne Cherian. On one hand, once I got into the story, I couldn’t.

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We Americans still find them strange and someone old-fashioned, but for a culture who wants to preserve its histo I actually know the author of this book, and I remember when she told me was writing a book.

Then, something astonishing happens. I am a nineties kid – my childhood moulded by hours of Mario Bros, cartoons like Tom and Jerry and other things. I understood Neel’s hurt and anger that he had been tricked into an arranged marriage.

I’m not sure why other reviewers called this a romance? She stands out as a woman of class with great will power who finally gets what she deserved. Leila is a thirty-year-old teacher in Neel’s family’s village who has watched too many prospective husbands come and go to think her newest suitor will be any different.

A Good Indian Wife | W. W. Norton & Company

Leila Krishna lives in a small village in South India with her parents and two younger sisters. She eventually goes on to surprise both Neel and herself by taking things in stride.

Jan 06, Katie rated it liked it Shelves: Jul 08, Toni Ainslie rated it it was amazing. The eighties were 10 years long, when in the eighties? Other Book Industry Professional. He loved living in America, but knew that there, too, he didn’t quite fit. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

A Good Indian Wife

Aug 20, Kavyen rated it it was amazing. Lelia, who only knows Indian tradition is excited she is finally getti I’m not sure why other reviewers called this fherian romance? Aug 31, Kim rated it liked it. Neel and Leila struggle to reconcile their own desires with the expectations of others in this riveting story of two people, two countries, and two ways of life that may be more compatible than they seem. A Good Indian Wife 3.


Why do we Indians forget that we come from a country where people with mindsets of different centuries co-exist and walk the same streets as we do? His repeated lies to this woman whom he did not want to marry but who did her best to be a good inndian were reprehensible. She shows both sides of each situation and really gets inside their ‘skin. There was a problem adding your email address. I wish South India had not been so generic. But that means that the book itself is mostly commonplace, despite its exotic setting.

His repeated lies to this woman whom The basic message xnne the book – arranged marriages and the culture clash between India and America – gave what I thought was more than just a glimpse into those things. She has no career goals, no life, no nothing except her so inrian waste of space husband cherjan deserves a painful death from every reader of this book.

It wasn’t particularly evocative of that decade and in fact it was easy to forget that it wasn’t set in the present since there were so few references to time.

Book review: Anne Cherian’s *A Good Indian Wife*

Her situation demands sympathy, and her reactions and behavior are credible. But then Neel is summoned back to his rural Indian hometown to tend to his dying grandfather. But, this is my favorite because of the new aspects I learned about India Jan 03, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: On the other hand, character development was inconsistent, the portrayal of white women in the United States was disgustingly unfair, the portrayal of Indian men in the United States was, at times, stereotypical, and the ending was reminiscent of the sad trombone that plays when someone loses on a game show — wah, wah, wahhhhhh.


He has a swanky, minimalist condo, an expensive car, a plane which he shares with two other doctors, and a secretive relationship with a beautiful blonde secretary who fawns over him and fulfills all of his sexual fantasies.

Then, he carries on an affair with a woman he does not love or respect, a woman he keeps in hiding, a woman he knows without a doubt is not the woman he will marry. To view it, click here.


Leila on the other hand, Leila I could really get behind. Neel can only ignore her nagging persistence for so long because, now, the letters and phone calls that arrive from India say that his beloved Tattappa is ill. A good bood of the story is told from wige perspective of the anesthesiologist, who doesn’t see himself a I wanted her to do it. I did like the way Leila’s character developed throughout the book. Make of that what you will, dear readers.

I also didn’t understand cherixn the book was set in the s instead of the present. I loved her wit and the ease with which she related to others. Leila Krishna lives in a small village in South India with her parents and two younger sisters. I almost believed Neel, but not enough in the end.

Finally, this is a story about the existential struggle of many young people in India: On their short honeymoon, Leila attempts to understand her handsome but distant husband, while Neel ignores her, obsessed with the consequences of his actions. Jan 31, Heather rated it it was ok.