See the Best Books of Looking for something great to read? Browse our editors’ picks for the best books of the year in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries. Despite Lexis’ resistance, Bryce shows the vampire that weakness only enhances strength and that to him, he has an unnatural worth. When a. Genre: LGBT Vampire/Shifter ParanormalLexis had everything, beauty, grace and a powerful coven, but through a feat of arrogance, he loses it all. Even his.

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No library descriptions found. Books by Mya Lairis. View all 7 comments. Refresh and try again. If it were years wouldn’t he have been able to adapt more easily? Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I think he and Bryce would have done fine together even if Lex hadn’t been able to see again but it was such a joy to experience him seeing Bryce for the first time, and we all know that Bryce was not going to let some elder vamp get away with hurting his “mate”.

And I want more of him! Lexis knows that he will be a big burden on them and refuses to accompany. And so begins this strange relationship, between a bulky werewolf who likes to be a puppy in bed, and a weak vampire who like to be a top.

I just wanted a bit more of the other kind of action. The sex scenes were hot, there was an actual plot. My only real problem and reason for shorting this the 5 stars was that the story felt rushed at times and I felt like information was being withheld.


I really liked the book i think the concept for the blind vampire and protective ma is new and refreshing. The confrontation with the vamps was brutal and probably just what Lex needed to regain not only his eyesight but his wounded pride and feeling of usefulness. Lexis is a vampire kept captive in a lab. I thought Bryce was a dick actually. Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author.

And 2 I think some of the sex scenes needed to be cut and perhaps more of the exciting parts added to. I do not endorse anyone or charge fees of any kind for the books I review.

To view it, click here. An Unnatural Worth Publisher: If Lexis doesn’t want to fight, Bryce will fight for both of them. There were a lot of holes I had to fill with my o I had some difficulty towards Lexis disability.

An Unnatural Worth

I hope there’s more to come for him because he was a a sarcastically funny man. An Unnatural Worth is a smooth tale. Lexis was once a powerful and respected vampire, who had the best things money could buy. I would have loved if the book could have beena bit longer, but whatever.

An Unnatural Worth is a smooth tale. A headstrong werewolf, Bryce frees the broken vampire from his unnaturql and back into life. Lexis is a very proud man.

I’d also have liked a more thorough view of their world and background. Overall, wortn was an ok read, but nothing exceptional. Leave a comment Share Link. Bryce was very sweet. When humans imprison him and perform experiments on him, he loses all faith. And so begins this strange relationship, between a bulky werewolf who likes to be a puppy in bed, and a weak vampire who like to be a top.


Overall, this is a very well done paranormal romance. I really liked the ending, in the big battle and could have wished the storyline to have been fleshed out now. Bryce is very good in waiting and being ready to take full advantage of Lexis, when the man is riped to be pick. Aside from that, there was a lot of sex in the first half or so then after that the story was extremely rushed.

The action was nice and I really liked the writing style. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms.

Books by Mya Lairis (Author of An Unnatural Worth)

It wasn’t well-written imo either. And so begins this strange relationship, between a bulky werewolf who likes to be a puppy in bed, unnatudal a weak vampire who like to be a top. So it was pretty much a whole new read for me. Sep 30, Miralinda rated it really liked it Shelves: Even with that all said, I really liked the story.