In Ashes, by Susan Beth Pfeffer, Ashleigh’s parents have been divorced for the last two years. She loves both of them but has a special soft spot. Places I Never Meant to Be: Original Stories by Censored Writers by Judy Blume – Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer summary and analysis. When people change, they become better as a person or their thinking worsens. In the short story Ashes, Susan Beth Pfeffer shows that it isn’t.

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Original Stories by Censored Writers. Throughout the story, Ashes faces the dilemma of choosing between her parents and their attempts to gain her affection. Ashes yearns for a caring, emotional parent, one that will promise her the stars and dreams as her dad does.

Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Ashes, the main character, is asked by her father to take money from her mother in order to settle his own financial difficulties. A Personal View by Judy Blume.

Izel R’s Blog: Symbols Portrayed In Short Story Ashes

An example is on pg. Without realizing, she feels safe with her mother but when she’s with her father she tries to make everything seem perfect and go the way she would like it to go. Iris Santiago November 16, at 7: This is especially true for teenagers, whose feelings about people often cloud our ability to think clearly and critically about their positive and negative attributes.

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As Ashes has shown us, while she craves the affection of her father, Ashes requires the reliability from of her mother. Lie, No Lie by Chris Lynch. We all know stars are burning hot balls of gas, which cannot be chained to a necklace.

Ashleigh enjoys visiting her father every Tuesday that winter, but she knows that he is a dreamer who cannot keep his promises, unlike her mother who is the most practical person she knows. This story will hopefully clear many kids judgment, and cause them to consider all the complicated facets of people in their lives.

However in the quote it is unclear whether the weather is only nicer in her imagination, and that Ashes is feeling what she wants to. Toward the end of February, Dad finally returns to his apartment where Ashleigh is waiting. But what Ashes needs is a down to earth parent, a trait her father has been shown to lack.

It portrays the real personality of her father when it says how he never keeps his promises. This section contains words approx.

Posted by Unknown at 2: On the moon we had gold spoons. Spear by Julius Lester. Her qshes is very business like, and want her daughter to succeed in life. This story has an important message to teens that they should take advice and help from others, but in the end the b we make should be our own.

Ashes By Susan Beth Pfeffer Read Download PDF/Audiobook id:vqm6zys dkel

She feels a need for the emotional support of Ashes and she hopes to achieve this by speaking negatively of her father. Newer Post Older Post Home. Parental rivalry often confuses young people about what they want.


The weather plays an important part by moving the story along. Often times we will overlook things about people and either take them for granted or put them on too high of a pedestal.

The second tremendous symbol that Pfeffer uses is the weather. Ten Andrew Jacksons stared right back at me. This shows how Ashes is confusing what she wants and what she needs. I like your introduction sentences in each paragraph; they are worded really well. Bth very little communication or interaction, both of Ashes’ parents find ways to fight for her affection. Newer Post Older Post Home. Throughout the short story, there is a reoccurring theme pfrffer Ashes father using her, and never fulfilling his promises to her, as a real father would.

I feel that many others in the same situation as me empathize with Ashes in that no child wants to disappoint their parents, but sometimes we feel that the decision we’re making isn’t honest with ourselves.

The very first sentence in the introduction makes no sense, maybe you should reword it.