Fifteen-year-old Isabelle loves her impoverished North Carolina beach community, but when her grandmother must enter a nursing home, Izzie is placed with. In the first book of a formulaic new series, a lower-class girl is introduced to Southern high society in all its catty glory. There’s plenty of drama but few surprises in this contemporary rags-to-riches story from Calonita (Reality Check), first in a four-book series.

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My first series was “Secrets of My Hollywood Life” and it followed a teen star named Kaitlin Burke who struggled with the fame game.

We also get to experience the story from Izzie’s cousins perspective which serves the story well in showing two viewpoints that couldn’t be any more different.

They are fundamentally different people being forced to live together. Published April 10th by Poppy first published April She was very much a follower, and her personality was very weak.

Belles Series in Order – Jen Calonita – FictionDB

While the premise is a predictable fish-out-of-water story poor girl suddenly gets rich and has to deal with snobby peopleCalonita never lets that stop her from creating a rich characters or a world that is easy to believe in. Izzie becomes friends with Brayden’s sister Dylan, who she likes a lot since she thinks she’s a lot like her but Dylan also may not be who she see Izzie and Mira are dealing with the fall out from their dad’s confession of being Izzie’s father.

She is constantly fighting for what she feels is right and I really admire that about her. May 18, Jenni Arndt rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’ve always said that one of the most important things to me when it comes to books, is character depth. Please provide an email address.


Izzy was determined, yet vulnerable.

Belles (Belles, #1) by Jen Calonita

Apr 04, Justin rated it it bbelles amazing. Other books in the series. Unnecessary complications arise with Lucas Hale, the campaign manager who threatens Izzie, and also a land deal by Savannah’s father that would destroy Izzie’s beloved Harborside Community Center. I think my biggest problem with this book is that, though I’m not usually the target audience of a YA novel, this book skews a little bit younger than that.

I want to be with you, and I want everyone to know it.

The journey Mira takes in this novel is pretty significant and makes it worth reading. By looking at cover, I calonitw imagine the characters, mostly the sisters. Funny and sweet, endearing and unapologetic, this drama and tension-filled story takes a simpler approach to the young adult world.

The Best Books of She ends up in Emerald Cove trying to adapt to her new life and family. If reviews of half-finished books bother you, please look elsewhere. That’s the thing about audiobooks – you can’t skim ahead!

I do not care enough to listen to more of this. Here, the fairy-tale world takes a twists, and Izzie becomes new girl in a rich private school, threatened by the queen bee whose boyfriend she takes an interest in.


So all Izzie has left is her Grandmother, gelles has cared for Izzie for all this time. This was a sweet, if somewhat generic, chick lit offering that will probably appeal to younger impressionable readers seeking an entree into the gen When Izzie Scott’s grandmother becomes too frail to take care of her, she’s sent to live with some distant family members in the affluent neighboring town of Emerald Cove.


If Calonita wanted this to be The O. Just what I needed to get a nice breather from dark paranormals. When we finally get to the end of the story, I just felt like no one really got what they deserved, and it left me unsatisfied. Maybe she’ll learn something.

One of the social elite at Emerald Prep, the only things Mira has to worry about is what expensive designer bag to buy next and where to hold the next fabulous Social Butterfly party. Belles is a very quick, easy read. His sister was another character that was introduced this book.

I sounded amazing and of course, took place in the south. I got halfway through this audiobook – finished four out of eight CDs – and I find I still don’t care. She becomes closer to Keenan and more involved with her art work. I felt like Izzy and Mira were both perfectly written, they were conflicted and thought they were doing the right things when in reality it was the opposite of what needed to be done.