Blofeld Keyboard; Quantum. Software. Waldorf Edition 2. Attack iOS Blofeld Manual (EN) Download (9MB). the Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer. • an external power supply. • a CD-ROM with the complete PDF manual and other tools. • a printed Quick Start manual. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard User Manual • Waldorf Musical Instruments.

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As soon as you Arpeggiator release a note, it is removed from the arpeggio rhythm. Sound Parameter back into the comb filter.

Press Octave down to go one octave lower, and Octave up to go one octave higher. Editing Parameters In order to change or edit a program in the Blofeld, you must access the appropriate parameters.

Waldorf Blofeld User Manual

The filters are components that have significant influence on the Blofeld’s sound characteristics. You will find a glossary at the end of this manual; it explains the various terms used. Page 5 Content Multi Part Parameter Noise can also be added to the mix.

The Blofeld has two independent filter units, bblofeld Robotic Wavetrip3 with its own individual settings.

A Delay is an effect that produces echoes of the input signal. Note that you can only edit a particular step in the Step Data pages when its position is within the range of the Pattern Length parameter. Use lower values in the range of This generates an effect with equally settings spread out the frequencies of the allpass filters.


Blofeld Manual EN

By doing this you can e. Fl What exactly is a Comb filter? Appendix through the Attack and Decay phases. For positive settings, the filter cutoff frequency is increased by the modulation of the envelope, for negative settings, the cutoff frequency is decreased. As soon as the note is released, the envelope proceeds with the Release phase. The pattern restarts after the fourth step while the note list restarts after the third step. Please refer to page Maual the source for the frequency modulation of the selected oscillator.

A Chorus in fact is made of one or several Comb filters, so this is an easy task to set up manually. Proper Use This device is designed exclusively to produce low- frequency audio signals for the purpose of generating sound.

This means that the positive part of the waveform has equal length to the negative part.

If you want to play the filter in a tempered scale, e. This has the advantage that the parameter change is not channel based but instrument based, which can avoid unwanted parameter changes of layered sounds. By means of these controls you can determine what portion of each source’s signal is routed to the inputs of Filter 1 and Filter 2.


Do not expose the device to direct sunlight. For use with a computer we recommend the USB port. This generates a deeper detuning and colorizes the signal. Ask infants, dogs or bats to help you adjusitng the oscillator brilliance.

Timing Factor also works on ROM patterns; these are set up with standard swing rhythm. Filters generally come in four categories: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Page Appendix frequency. They dampen frequencies around the cutoff point. Increasing the value will bring in more and more distortion, suitable for harder lead sounds and effects. Otherwise, you would hear only one note anyway.

A Sawtooth wave has all the harmonics of the fundamental frequency in descending magnitude. Arpeggiator Sound Parameter split up and repeated rhythmically.