The original instructions which are provided with a Brewferm kit are excellent and enable you to make a very good Belgian beer. However, for me, they did seem. Well decided to purchase another Brewferm kit as the diabolo is hopefully going to be bottled next week. Got a Triple this time. But!. Brewferm Belgian Beer Kits generally take a couple of weeks longer to brew than The Brewferm website has brewing instructions in their ‘How to make beer’.

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Use this in any beer kit recipe which suggests the addition of 1 kg of sugar.

How do I brew it? You will automatically receive a confirmation email when your returned item is received. First issue was fermentation, airlock not bubbling. What do I do if my order arrives damaged?

Tastes not too bad either. Insyructions do I do if my order is faulty when it arrives? In the case of Diabolo it is also much darker than their advertising literature suggests. OG was allowing for temperature, they state it should be around We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers old and new for their business, and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Brewferm Homebrew Beer Kits

All you have to do is add water and sugar to obtain, after fermentation, 7 to 20 litres of beautiful natural beer. This will not only boost the malt flavour but also brew a stronger beer without destroying the beer’s natural character. Brewferm Grand Cru [gold].

A characteristic of many Belgian beers is that they are very high in alcohol but are not heavy, either in body or flavour. This is achieved by adding quite large quantities of candi sugars brewfetm the copper. Items can be returned up to 30 days from date of delivery. Brewferm Old Bruin [dark brown].


It will brew beers which are less ‘dry’, with more richness, body and improved head formation and retention. Orders left in a place specified by the customer are at the customers own risk. The main sway is not to to sway with these gr8 kits.

Instructions Brewferm Grand Cru [gold] Gold opaline coloured, with strong flavour of grains and even bread. Each kit contains pure cherry juice of at least 3kg of cherries. Im surprised how clear it is on the sample I took this morning. For urgent orders please choose Express Courier only, details below: Please email or call us to inform us of the damage and we will arrange to replace or exchange whichever is best, please do not dispose of anything until we have resolved for you as it may need to be recovered.

If you bought this as being most like duvel as is often seen in online brewing shops you will want more than this, I will conservatively say 30g, though I have done more than this wanting a more lively pour previously.

Step by step instructions Brewferm

It was easy to make with clear instructions. Brewferm brings you a unique range of beer kits for brewing Belgian beer at home. You will NOT incur extra charges if your order is very large or heavy UK Orders With high stock levels all orders are brewfferm as quickly as possible, usually within one working day or less, at busy times and berwferm this may take a little longer. Whichever recipe you follow, you can be sure of producing better beer than any standard kit, easily and economically.

Also these kits contain wheat malt and a special herb mixture. Brewferm Kriek [cherry beer]. Haydnexport is right on the money with leaving it another week. Spraymalt Medium – Rich malt flavour, ideal for bitters. Returned items are your responsibility until we receive them so please use an appropriate service such as Royal Mail recorded.


Brewferm Brewferm Read more about Brewferm more Please always supply bresferm telephone number with your order as we need to supply the couriers with one.

Please allow slightly longer at seasonal peaks. Leave it brewcerm until you bottle in a week or so to see if it drops anymore. Candi Sugar Crystals – Dark g. Hopped Light again is ideal, improving the hop flavour of the final beer as well as the general richness. If needed we will contact you with any brewfferm on international shipping restrictions.

Taste in a month, try and leave it at least another month after that. Please contact us with any questions regarding international shipping. A Belgian Candy Sugar used for brewing.

Brewferm Belgian Beer Kits generally take a couple of weeks longer to brew than the average beer kit to achieve a higher alcohol content and subtle Abbey beer style flavours.

Cider Show All Got Apples? Munton Spraymalt is available in g packs. Light Instrutions g More Info Close 1. Jim’s Beer Kit Practical Homebrewing. What do I do if I change my mind about something when it arrives?

Woodfordes Wherry Bitter Kit. Can I return my item personally? The instructions with the kit say on the sugar table for Diabolo to add Do you think they have changed instructions realizing that that amount will not make the final gravity of ?