Buy Die Lehren des Don Juan: Ein Yaqui-Weg des Wissens by Carlos Castaneda, Celine Bastian, Heiner Bastian (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book. Carlos Castaneda und die Lehren des Don Juan: Eine praktische Anleitung, die es ermöglicht, Don Juans Lehren nachzuvollziehen und im täglichen Leben im. Die Lehren des Don Juan: Ein Yaqui-Weg des Wissens: Carlos Castaneda, Celine Bastian, Heiner Bastian: : Books.

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What makes Biblio different? Amongst the various practices of a warrior, Tensegrity, a series of meditative stretching and posing techniques, is introduced in Castaneda’s tenth work, Magical Passes.

Castaneda was granted his masters and doctoral degrees for the work described in these books, although he castabeda had his Ph.

The vividness and plausibility of Castaneda’s early works argue for their essential truth. Twelve books by Castaneda have been published, and 3 videos released. As Castaneda was very elusive, and because his works were taken up by young people at a time when mystical and shamanic traditions were in fashion, many professionals cast doubt carlos castaneda die lehren des don juan the authenticity of contents of his works.

The death defier also met and possessed Carol Tiggs.

The Fire From Within- step by carlos castaneda die lehren des don juan actually chapter by chapter elucidation of the mastery of awareness or the new seers’ knowledge: Castaneda describes complex and bizarre worlds experienced through the controlled movement of the assemblage point in dreaming; his premise is that the world of the dreams of a warrior is no less real than the world of daily life.

As we now live in a society, world wide, that is marked by instant gratification and easy platitudes as regards the truth, it is highly unlikely than any such in-depth exploration of Castenadas words will ever be performed by any institution examining the concepts put forth in carlos castaneda die lehren des don juan works.

Both Abelar and Donner-Grau were endorsed by Castaneda as being legitimate students of Don Juan Matus, whereas he has dismissed many other pretenders.

Depending upon one’s approach, they could be either accepted at face-value in their entirety, or discarded. D taken away for pretending his fiction was actual anthropological research. This school of applied shamanism, sometimes called “nagualismo”, purports to be unlike either traditional Western or Eastern culture.


Find Rare Books Book Value. Little is known about his death. Tensegrity is promoted by Cleargreen, Inc. In his third book, Journey to Ixtlan, he essentially reverses his emphasis on ‘power plants’.

Magical Passes- descriptions with photos of sorcery-based physical movements intended to increase well-being, a system which became known as Tensegrity There are many individual and group practitioners carlos castaneda die lehren des don juan the world.

As in all matters literary, one needs to consider that we the reader are but distant viewers of the events described by the words on the page. Castaneda, however, emphatically denied any real similarity between them in several lectures.

Carlos Castaneda – This book dno unique of darlos series in that the last part included a detailed scholarly “Structural Analysis” of the teachings. In Castaneda’s first two books he describes that the Yaqui way of knowledge also required the heavy use of powerful psychoactive or entheogenic plants, such as peyote and datura.

Accounts of Castaneda’a early leehren and the memoir “A magical journey with Carlos Castaneda”, by his former wife Margaret Runyan Castaneda, exhibit many conflicts with what Carlos castaneda die lehren des don juan said about himself, and point the other way. The Eagle’s Gift- description of the force that creates, destroys, and rules the universe or at least the 48 bands of earthalso source of emanations themselves, description of the eagle’s command to man, carlos castaneda die lehren des don juan rule of the nagual, various levels of petty tyrants, and way towards freedom, self-stalking and dreaming, power spots.

Castaneda was dn stripped of the Ph. The assemblage point is the focusing lens which selects from the emanations.

Carlos Castaneda

Castaneda stated that the death defier met with every nagual since Sebastien, including with Carlos. The official story is that Castaneda died on April 27, from liver cancer catlos Los Angeles. He moved to the United States in the early s and became a naturalized citizen in The Art Of Dreaming – steps to mastering control and consciousness of dreams.

In reading the words of Castenada it is certainly important to decide why one is reading these books. Castaneda was a popular carlos castaneda die lehren des don juan phenomenon for Time magazine to do a cover article on Castaneda on March 5, Vol.

That encounter dramatically altered their lineage and was what separates the “new” seers from the “old” carlo. The Eagle’s Gift sixth book is a novel-like work with specific characters on a journey towards what they call “Total Freedom”, and where the words of don Juan seem more like those of a scientist.


Interpretation and criticism the Castaneda controversy Many critics doubt the existence of don Juan, citing inconsistencies in don Juan’s personality across the books and in the sequence of events in the books. In this book the way of knowledge that don Juan describes was perceived by some as resembling the newly popular New Age movement. The only possible way to ascertain the Truth of the words of Carlos Castenada are to take the words as a complete body of work from the beginning to end, and then incorporate the concepts dno there into ones daily routine to see if they “hold any water”.

This could be the result of changes carlos castaneda die lehren des don juan the mind of Carlos Castaneda.

Sufficient personal power leads ds the mastery of awareness, chiefly the controlled movement of what is known as the “assemblage point”. In this book he describes don Juan telling him he only needed to use drugs with Carlos because Carlos was so dumb. In denoting their function within each generation of practitioners, terms are used which can only be understood by reading Castaneda’s writings: In other words, it carlos castaneda die lehren des don juan highly unlikely to ever encounter a totally objective evauation of Castenadas words, either confirming or denying what truth they may contain.

Certainly not with an institution seeking “Scientific Castajeda Verification”. Another author of note is Victor Sanchez; Sanchez claims to have had similar teachings, and met Castaneda, but emphasizes in his books that Castaneda does not endorse his work.

When he followed up Tales of Powereven more questions were raised as to how much of his work carlos castaneda die lehren des don juan true anthropology and how much was his own creation.