CFML and HTML. cfdocument format=”PDF”>htmlcfdocument> the tag stores the PDF or FlashPaper output. Specify a number less than Values. Nested directly within the cfdocument tag is a div tag that sets the page width, with position:relative so it remains within the page flow, and acts. This tag is also supported within to reduce the size of the HTML output so that it fits on that paper. define a number less than cfdocument [ marginbottom=number] [useragent=string] [permissions=string] [filename=String] .

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Thanks to faxi05 for the suggestion. The only time you see it on the screen is when you zoom in.


If not, try the other names – I saw a post suggesting that. Bottom margin in inches default or centimeters. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Used in conjunction with filename. Is there any way to cfdocumnet the margintop in cfdocument dynamic?

Generating Accurate PDFs Using Cfdocument

You cannot specify smalelr the src and srcfile attributes. Specifies the default unit inches or centimeters for pageheight, pagewidth, and margin attributes. Specifies whether form fields are exported as widgets or only their fixed print representation is exported.


Do not embed fonts.

Specifies whether ColdFusion embeds fonts in the output: Page type into which ColdFusion generates the report: In your case, I would try to set the width attribute to your tables the same and see if the scenario changes for you.

The following example shows how to specify bookmarks for document sections:.

Generating Accurate PDFs Using Cfdocument – Nando @ Aria Media

Specify either of the following: This content has been marked as final. Cannot be same as userPassword. If you notice that the header text is cropped in the cfdocument tag output, increase the value of the marginTop attribute. Jorrt said, on November 6, at How can I resize the footer in a cfdocument creating a PDF? By the way, the file sizes are also different: Specifies whether the background prints when the user prints the document: How easy is that.

Specifies whether ColdFusion embeds fonts in the output. Is there probably a problem with dpi resolution?

Custom height and width. CF7 PDFs are ca. Please type your message and try again.


Dave Phipps said, on March 31, at 3: Post as a guest Name. I would go back to CF7, when theres no sexy cfthread tag in CF8…. A big thanks to Michael Hnat for pointing me in the right direction regarding Lucee with his very helpful blog post.

This is not a bug. Absolute path of a file that is on the server.

CFDOCUMENT. It works if you know how. | Rip’s Domain

Without the parent div tag specifying the width, the results between the 2 engines are cfdochment different, and positioning the elements is much more a question of trial and error than simply entering the top and left positions as measured with a ruler and perhaps tweaking ccdocument by a few milimeters if necessary.

Finally found this article after hours of frustration. ColdFusion 9 supports bookmarks. Brian K said, on December 2, at 4: Email Required, but never shown. It can be one of the following values: