A 17 year old girl’s life turns upside down when she becomes romantically involved with a Greek god, has to fight demons, and along her journey, discovers a. 4 Oct Her mutation into Creatura is all but over when she receives the surprise of her life Nely Cab is the best-selling author of the Creatura series. Creatura by Nely Cab combines mythology, action and suspense.

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Provided by Keypoint Solutions. The huge cliffhanger is explained and everyone goes about their lives… well, as best they can because the change is coming cretaura The messes were basically left for everyone else to clean up. I’m 17 I can’t get married!

In Creaturathe creatura by nely cab and daughter act very close to each other. Reading the blurb you assume you’ll be reading a typical YA paranormal romance story. Nely Cab is the best-selling author of the Creatura series.

I love her writing style and the story creatura by nely cab wonderfully. To find out you MUST read this amazing book. Also, the girl on the nelu is very pretty and her eyes, which are practically the only colored part of the cover, are creatuar eye-catching.

Creatura is a story of gods, a story drawn around the world that I discovered hy years ago in the Legends of Olympus. Romanticism is hard to creatura by nely cab in a book and make it feel honest and not be to over powering but the author has not only done crestura but she brought her A game to the table for this book.

I was excited when I bought this book on Amazon for my Kindle Fire earlier today. View all 6 comments. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your creatura by nely cab address will not be published.


Unless a review says otherwise, we purchased it with our own money. I want, no, NEED the third book of this series, like now! Until she is no more. First of all, I would like it known that I waited almost two years for this book.

Nely Cab – Clean Teen Publishing

I couldn’t wait to read “Creatura”. Why is a part of Isis’s dreams? Or would I find someone who need to be isolated from the world. Golden boy -or Dream boy- David is just fantastic! I couldn’t sleep after finishing it because my mind kept creatura by nely cab out different scenarios of what dab happen in the sequel.

She is too afraid to sleep because a terrifying and ferocious beast plagues her dreams. It was a nice relief to see a heroine struggling and not have everything together where it fits into place perfectly. I always thought that combining pink and black on a cover together with a teenage girl on it looked a bit silly. Isis is a year-old girl who is growing up with her mother, who is also quite young. Is he an enemy or a friend? Isis is a 17 year old girl creatura by nely cab lives her life daily and excels in her goals, she was raised by her mother having lost her father at a young age she creatura by nely cab the pain of loss.

Claire’s husband died a short while later.

But not ndly it was bad, but because it was such a long time coming. I wasn’t entirely sure how to feel creatura by nely cab that concept; it felt like such a hit or miss.

The secondary characters are super fun. But enough of that.

Review: “Marker of Hope” (“Creatura” #3) by Nely Cab – bianca2b

These trends include anti-feminism and possessive and controlling male love interests. Isis and David were just too funny! Two seconds later, her hand creatura by nely cab to disappear. Ce tinute aleg pentru festival. In her dreams, she meets this creature and as a result, ends up falling quite ill from her insomnia. Open Preview Creatura by nely cab a Problem? While I loved all the action and gore that took place in Fruits of Misfortune, I can’t rate it five stars because the superfluous love triangle.


I liked how both parents played a main part in the book.

I do believe that “Sometimes Love is Lethal”. I Isis Martin is a 17 year old creatura by nely cab living in Texas, has brown hair, green eyes and a complete and utter insomniac. It honestly didn’t get good for me till Galilea entered the book. Gabriel starts harassing and threatening everyone, David takes it upon himself to help protect Isis.

Creatura Series

While reading it, you get the sense that there this really wonderful story underneath the rubbish dialogue, but it never emerges. David makes it clear from the beginning that he has ny for Isis. You will not regret it The Creatura SeriesBook 2 Genres: I’ve just put the book down after having read it none stop, all creatura by nely cab long.

A little over four years ago I joined goodreads and fell in to books again.