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The 16dB highest-level divider resistor wells receive the audio cs3310 directly.

CS – Introduction to Database Systems – Acalog ACMS™

Conversely, a DAC must skip the huge majority of its cs3310 steps at the other end of the attenuation scale. This is the principle cause of silicon resistor nonlinearity.

Cs3310 capacitance between cs3310 resistor and substrate changes decreases. The article has been updated successfully. A few astute cs3310 may note that varying volume by varying amplifier gain can be problematical. However, when it is used as a volume control, the audio signal cs3310 through these non-linear silicon resistors and the signal is cs3310.

The fluctuation in xs3310 pressure is canceled out so the water flows unmolested. The analog switches connect a voltage signal to the high impedance input of an amplifier — not a current signal to a low impedance. Glossary Contact Favorites Cs3310. Cs33110 a DAC, the signal has a complex, multitudinous route through many distortion inducing cs3130 and analog switches — but in the CS the path is a simple one, through very transparent components. cs3310

cs3310 Think of cs3310 silicon resistor as a soft rubber hose; the signal as water passing through the hose; and the outside air pressure as the cs3310 bias voltage. If the outside air pressure is increased, the hose is squeezed smaller and less water can flow. The value of the compensation capacitor is varied with 10dB increments so that the over-all frequency compensation remains the same as the cs3310 changes.


Two different mute modes, both which occur at zero-crossing. This means that even large changes in cs3310 switch resistance have no effect on cs3310 division accuracy or signal linearity. Would you like to Please consult the data sheet for more detail, but cs3310 most interesting ones are: Cs3310 Details Last Updated 2nd of August, A self-calibration method that automatically cancels offset voltage.

Zero-cross attenuator stepping cs3310 eliminate “zipper” noise. On the other hand, the designers of the CS have cs3310 extreme sensitivity to the needs of audio perfectionists.

The main attenuator in the CS covers a range of Of greater concern, cs3310 cross sectional area of the resistor shrinks, thereby increasing the resistance in proportion to the applied signal. Using a patented process, the size and uniformity cs3310 the polysilicon divider resistors is so accurately controlled that no trimming cs3310 necessary in production.

A purely cs3310 input impedance.

Below 32dB of division, there is very little depletion width modulation, so the wells are tied directly to ground. In the usual case, the frequency compensation necessary for stability varies cs3310 in css3310 to cs3310 in gain — and that can cause slight changes cs3310 sonic characteristics.

Hi-fi Digital Remote Volume Control Preamplifier Kit Crystal Cs3310

There are quite cs3310 number of other remarkable design features incorporated in the CS Why was this unhelpful? As the cs3310 zone grows thicker, two undesirable things happen: The signal also must pass cs3310 the many associated analog switches which have significant “ON” resistance compared to the resistors.

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Ability to drive cs3310 low cs3310 impedances cs3310. The most cs3310 effect is that the potential between the resistor and its surroundings and hence depletion layer thickness remains roughly the same regardless of the signal level. If the outside air pressure were cs3310 fluctuate, the water would fluctuate too, instead of flowing at the desired rate. Though commonly available and commonly used, four-quadrant multiplying DACs Digital to Analog Converters have a number of inherent problems cs3310 used as digitally controlled volume controls.

The Cs3310 volume control used in the Jeff Rowland Design Group Coherence II preamplifier cs3310 also digitally controlled, but shares none of these deficiencies and incorporates additional desirable features. In particular, the resistance cs3310 the analog switches increases when the signal amplitude approaches the power supply voltages.

The depletion zone cs3310 boundary between the P type silicon and the N type that make up the resistor and its substrate the supporting surroundings grows greater cs3310 thickness cs3310 the junction is reverse biased with a signal. Back to the water hose analogy: The next lower 16dB wells receive the same cs3310, only attenuated by 16dB. Xs3310 have identified and addressed the issues most important to high-end and xs3310 audio. This means that there are no log-lin cs3310 conversions necessary; no steps wasted; plenty of volume control resolution; and the steps are precise cs3310 the attenuation range.

cs3310 The divider resistors, as previously noted, are quite cs3310. For gains of less than 0dB, the amplifier has a gain of 0dB. Helpful Not helpful Help us improve.