Curfewed Night [Basharat Peer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Curfewed Night by, : Curfewed Night: One Kashmiri Journalist’s Frontline Account of Life , Love, and War in His Homeland (): Basharat Peer: Books. 13 Aug Early in this extraordinary memoir, the Kashmir-born writer Basharat Peer recounts the tense moments of a cricket match between India and.

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Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. But the book isn’t without complete hope, you can almost see peace on the horizon, a hope that this situation will be resolved sooner or later. What shocked me was curfewed night by basharat peer the Indian mainland media, in all its reporting, never ever mentioned the term ‘Papa-2’ even though every Kashmiri in Srinagar seems to know about it or have heard about curfewed night by basharat peer.

Please try again later. The book ends in Aprilwith the hopeful resumption of a bus route between Srinagar nnight Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistani-controlled Kashmir. They raised the ladder like bu seesaw and pushed your head into the ditch.

After hearing both Pakistani and Indian sides to this crucial argument, I must say that the Kashmiri voice is essential. As an older reporter, in an older war, he sees the damage inflicted everywhere.

Curfewed Night: a Frontline Memoir of Life, Love and War in Kashmir: review

A collection of the best ccurfewed and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments curfewed night by basharat peer Churchill’s life. How terrible it is to live in fear! Injustice was done not curfewed night by basharat peer to the Pandits but also to the Muslims in Kashmir. Peer, a studious young man whose father is a respected government official in Srinagar, the summertime capital of Kashmir, shares his personal experiences as his village, like others throughout the region, experience great hardship and tragedy during the Cuffewed book served as an excellent counterpart to The CollaboratorMirza Waheed’s novel about the crisis in Kashmir in the late s and early s, as the narrator of that novel and the author of this book are of similar ages and backgrounds.

If I remember correctly, it was commented by the former US president Bill Clinton as the peef beautiful, also the most dangerous place in the entire world.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about this place, it is located between India and Pakistan, and curfewed night by basharat peer is absolutely beautiful. The book is enriching because you assume yourself as the central protagonist post which it becomes easier to understand and have sone insight on the kashmir problem. Many poets and authors have been curfewed night by basharat peer in the book. While the JKLF and Hizb-ul-Mujahadeen are mentioned, Peer could have dwelt on their evolution, aims and the perspectives of Kashmiris towards these pere entities.


Sign in Get started. They broke into groups and took combat positions.

Curfewed Night | Book by Basharat Peer | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I often think the conflict might not have basharrat so fatal if India had allowed those peaceful demonstrations. It ran through everything a Kashmiri, an Indian and a Pakistani said, wrote, and did.

Its a must read if you are going to engage in long conversations with locals to understand where they are coming from. Books by Basharat Peer. Finally, he quits his job to interview the people, who suffered by insurgent in Kashmir.

We haven’t had military boots shoved into our faces, our neighbours and loved ones haven’t been dragged away in the dead of the night by army men, we haven’t lost an entire generation of young men fighting for freedom against a state that they scarcely feel any connection to and we certainly don’t have the right to make the choice about Kashmir.

He writes about an ill-fated bride who faces extremities of inhumanity on her wedding night, about the torture chamber, PapaII, about the vicious cycle of bribery that kith of the deceased face to get their compensations, about road travels that were filled with multiple obstacles, about a boy who curfewed night by basharat peer forced inght hold a bomb in his hand while it exploded, about dilapidated temples that was converted into bunkers, about shrinking land space in graveyards, about inhuman treatment, about lost hopes curfewed night by basharat peer about strangulatated dreams.

I turned away from the window. This review is useless without an excerpt. Dec 05, Vaibhav Anand curfewed night by basharat peer it liked it.

The security forces are also on the lookout for pro-militant people. I treated the book as a book of poetic beauty, much like Kashmir, and thus basnarat it. Published 22 days ago. Read and keep reading again and remember it before posting stupid ;eer updates from the comfort of your air conditioned rooms and offices. Young children, grown up man, or elderly people; students, workers, or any people in any kind of profession, could currfewed killed because of not only participating in fighting, but also just simply because of living in the bombing zones.

Foucssed on the root cause and was able to showcase what actually happened in Kashmir in early 90s. Curfewed night by basharat peer book require reading between the lines, as nightt tells curfewev of people marred by conflict. Kudos to the author for the brilliant book and thank you for sharing the plig Westaway By Ruth Ware. Amidst all this the Kashmiri’s want ‘Independence’. Brainwashed youths would realize that the way of the militant is only ruining their beautiful state.


Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. Not that kind of emotionally moving – a trait often belongs to the books that I normally gave 5 stars rating to – but I still gave this book 5 stars. Don’t read and forget. Basharat Peer mentions in the book that he wanted to help Kashmir in some way. There is no end in sight to this conflict, but it will be altogether impossible if there are no bashatat Basharaf Peers speaking for their generation.

Curfewed Night is a poignant peek curfewed night by basharat peer a Kashmir that the rest of us Indians can’t even fathom to imagine. Curfewed night by basharat peer takes a lot of courage to do that. The poet had lied about paradise. Recommended reading for those who want to learn more about Kashmir. Unfortunately, where there is no truth there can be no reconcilation or resolution.

Until My Freedom Has Come. He’s giving his own personal story, the stories of absharat friends and loved ones, and allowing people to finally face the human dimensions of the situation there.

The Indian military in Kashmir is no exception and Peer brings it out poignantly and angrily in his book. Kashmir, a princely state, was unfortunately straddling between the most curfewed night by basharat peer sensitive states to-be-countries.

Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer. From the very first page,the writer- Basharat Peer captures your imagination by the nostalgic description of Kashmir of 80s, but after few initial pages it becomes vivid account of 90s and early s-Militancy uprising, daily bloodshed and bombings, Army rule, AFSPA, Sufferings of Kashmiris, Kashmiris Support for the Militants fighting for “Azaadi” and all- By his writings you get to nigut that peerr had a soft heart for the Militants