Jun 4, As a young student in Delhi, Basharat Peer used to feel a sense of shame each time he walked into a bookshop. There were books written by. Curfewed Night has ratings and reviews. Supratim said: This book tells the story of Kashmir as seen through the eyes of the author, Basharat Pe. 4 quotes from Curfewed Night: ‘Newspapers routinely refer to the missing men as ‘disappeared persons’, and their waiting wives are the ‘half-widows’.’.

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To begin with I curfewwed Curfewed Night,a well researched and fairly well written memoir. An important book which must be made mandatory reading for students An evocative account of life in Kashmir.

A few years later there is more luck: While Pakistan is still fighting to take control of parts of it, India holds that it is still a part of the diverse country and has granted it autonomy. Books by Basharat Peer.

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All in all this is one persons perspective- a devout Kashmiri Muslim from the Valley. If you are looking for that then this is a great book, but if you a little want more then please read this along with Rahul Pandita’s ‘ Our moon has blood clots’ and Jagmohans ‘ my frozen turbulence in kashmir’ Having said that it is a curfeewd turner and the innocence of life prior to the radicalization is certainly moving.

Peer writes of how all the embarrassments and failures of adolescence fall away when you join in a procession and feel yourself part of something larger; how the militants who crossed into the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir for guerrilla training would return as heroes; how “like almost every boy, I wanted to join them.

Kashmir is stuck somewhere between India and Pakistan. Surely, his family values and upbringings have saved him from following the path of violence and yet serving the cause staying within the system. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Peer makes you share his angst while provoking sympathy for the people in the conflict torn valley.

For the full review, visit IndiaBookStore He travels back to his home village, and encounters former friends and neighbors, Hindu and Muslim, there and in Srinagar and Jammu. Hence after a few years, he goes back to his district in Srinagar, where he interviews people who have either lost someone or have lost themselves in the war.


Read it, prepare to be emotionally devastated. Instead of focusing on the politico-historical aspects of the conflict,the author keeps things personal through his own memories and interactions with various actors in the scene – failed militants,disrupted marriages,lost sons,raped brides,dilapidated shrines.

Edited in a couple of yrs later: At the risk of being accused for sedition, I am going to quote what she said: The essential gift book for any pet lover – real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends. It is killing me, says one friend as life under occupation and terrorist threat grinds down upon him. Born and raised in the war-torn region, Basharat Peer brings this little-known part of the world to life in haunting, vivid detail.

Ultimately, Journalist prevails to a writer, i would say. As with a personal account, there is bound to be some bias, but in this case some of the biases r significant.

Curfewed Night: a Frontline Memoir of Life, Love and War in Kashmir: review

And the ending, when the Bridge of Peace and a bus tour trying to make amends to Kashmir people after many years of constant battle and separation by giving Kashmir separated families a chance to finally meet niyhts loved ones from the other side of the war, was really touching pesr philosophically meaningful. It may bg a few sentiments here and there, but it is what it is in Kashmir. In fact, I salute all the Kashmiris for going through all this and still surviving.

The author captures the change among the landscape as well as among the local people’s demeanor when common people started to avenge for what the army did to their and homeland over the years, but mostly because of their demand for plebiscite of Kashmir within its own sovereignty.

But he is not a writer who will fall back on the comfortable assertion that everyone wronged and everyone was wronged — the heart of this book is a demand for justice for the Kashmiri people, whose suffering at the hands of the Indian security forces has been beyond measure. The kashmir that was taken away from both basharzt muslims and the hindus.

As a young boy of 14, Peer lives through the horror of violence, brutality, murder, rape and destruction by both the Indian security forces and the militants, more of the security forces than the militants. I admit ‘Haider’ made me pick the book over Pandita’s ‘Our moon has blood clots’, which I assume has the bights base material. But like the author has valiantly pointed out, local media and the larger world media is just not interested in blaming the largest democracy in the world.


Our country has oeer growing steadily.

Curfewed Night Quotes by Basharat Peer

Far more Indians will be willing to accept that maybe India did make well-intentioned mistakes here and there, but find me badharat Kashmiri who will accept the same for Kashmir and Kashmiris. But five years on, despite occasional gestures from both the governments, freedom is still a distant prospect for the people of Kashmir.

See all 32 reviews. I’m frequently amazed at how little contemporary reporting there is on the Kashmir conflict, given the staggering militarization and human suffering that it has engendered.

Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer

Then why did you go to Pakistan? Young children, grown up man, or elderly people; students, workers, or any people in any kind of profession, could be killed because of not only participating in fighting, but also just simply because of living in the bombing zones.

Fighting and dying for freedom was as desired as the first kiss on adolescent lips. To ask other readers questions about Curfewed Nightplease sign up. A collection of the best contributions and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill’s life. At the end of Curfewed Night Peer crosses the “line of control” the Indo-Pak ceasefire line which functions as a de facto border separating one part of Kashmir from the other. The books provide a clear picture of the ongoing violence in Kashmir through the author’s writing.

The author keeps his tale simple, and keeps the reader interested through out the novel. I watched him join his friends, carrying wooden guns and broken plastic balls stuffed with cloth meant to be hand grenades. The book ends in Aprilwith the hopeful resumption of a bus route between Srinagar and Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistani-controlled Kashmir.

Basharat Peer has given voice, unforgettably, to a generation of Kashmiris who have never been heard in the United States, but who should be. It goes beyond the political rhetoric that envelopes Kashmir and is the authentic story of a ravaged land that continues to labour and breathe.

In Other Rooms, Other Wonders.