said circuitry and specifications. Page 7. This datasheet has been downloaded from: Datasheets for electronic components. QEA. ACTIVE. CDIP. J. 1. TBD. A N / A for Pkg Type. to QE. A. SNJAJ. QFA. ACTIVE. CFP. W. The integrated TTL (74LS48) is a BCD decoder/driver to seven segments common cathode display.

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The device should not be operated at these limits.

This package accepts a positive-logic Binary Coded Decimal BCD input and converts it to the proper pattern necessary to illuminate a 7 segment display. A microcontroller can be programmed to perform datasheet 7448 binary to decimal conversion and then datasheet 7448 a look-up chart to perform the segment conversion.

Petroferm CleanSafe 7448 Technical Data Sheet

This datasheet has been downloaded from: All segments are extinguished when a low logical zero signal is datasheet 7448 to pin 4 OUT. A high output is intended to light the segment.

Shown above, is an example application datasheet 7448 the 74LS48 7-seg decoder circuit. A line selector an additional output line on the microcontroller could select which chip to target datasheet 7448 cycle through the set of displays to produce the overall numeric output. These outputs can serve as logic sig- nals, with a HIGH output corresponding to a lighted lamp segment, or can provide a 1. The outputs are open-collector but have internal 2K ohm pull-up resistors and have a maximum low-level datasgeet sink current of 6 milliamperes 6mA.


In datashheet method, the microcontroller would send BCD binary coded decimal on 4 output pins to the chips. Common cathodemeaning the negative connection of all of the LEDs is datasheet 7448 together.

Auxiliary inputs provide lamp test, blank- ing and cascadable zero-suppression functions. Not more than one output should be shorted at a time, and the duration should datasheet 7448 exceed one second. The decimal point indicator on this volt-meter as well as the colons “: To build a simple digital counter, datasheet 7448 using the decade counter.

A critical component is any component of a life systems which, a are intended for surgical implant support device or system whose failure to perform dataasheet into the body, or b support or sustain life, and whose be reasonably expected to cause the failure of the life failure to perform, when properly used in accordance support device or system, or to affect its safety or with datasheet 7448 for use provided in the labeling, can effectiveness.


A PWM pulse-width modulated signal can be applied to datasgeet pin to provided varying brightnesses datasheet 7448 the LED display being driven, allowing user control of LED dimming for applications such as datasheet 7448 saving by decreasing the brightness during times of low ambient light.

SN Datasheet(PDF) – Texas Instruments

When a LOW level is applied to the blanking input forced condition all segment outputs go to a LOW level, regardless datassheet the state of any other input condition.

Life support devices or systems are devices or 2. However, if pins are limited on the microcontroller, it can be advantageous to use ICs in a multiplexing datasheet 7448 to drive the 7-segment displays. Other than a little more conditional logic connections and a few more stages, there’s nothing stopping you from building datasheet 7448 full digital clock with hours, minutes, and datasheet 7448.