15 Feb When even Ke$ha thinks that today’s starlets dress like hussies, it’s clear that a cultural shift is just over the horizon. Fortunately, Derek. 3 May Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady. Derek Blasberg, Razorbill, $ paper (p) ISBN 13 Oct Derek Blasberg is back with more brilliant commentary on what makes a lady truly classy. With all the razor-sharp insights of Classy plus new.

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Aug 16, Nabilah rated it it was amazing. Im more into Classy just because its not really a chapter story book but more like a reference book. He THEN proceeds to call above-mentioned women “tramps. Where do I begin with this book… First I want to say that I wanted to read rerek book for a while now. Blasberg is one of the biggest name-droppers in the industry, and I found the only amusing aspect of his debut book to be Byrdie Bell posing as his ridiculous cover model. There’s something about drunken girls that just says “Make out with me.

Very Classy by Derek Blasberg. I was a fan of Blasberg, but after reading this, I can no longer tolerate him even in the shiniest of magazines.

Dedek wants you deeek be the douche canoe who spends like an hour undressing in the TSA line. With all the razor-sharp insights of Classy plus new, never-before-seen pages packed with Derek’s signature wit and timeless tips, VeryClassy is the best – and the only – resource for the up-to-the minute, modern young woman. Understanding the book is clasys to enjoying the book.

In addition to the overall arrogance of the author, Blasberg also sounds very judgmental when he separates the “classy” girls from the “tramps. Greg Crumpton rated balsberg liked it Feb 16, This illustrated volume is packed with advice for the girl who doesn’t want to be a Relationship Chameleon, the girl who understands that skinny fat is worse than just plain fat, and the girl who needs a little help discovering the silver lining of a hangover.


Classy people do not call people tramps and skanks and make “witty” comments about how if you have sex with a lot of people you should make sure you get paid for it. This week i began hlasberg new book called “Classy” by Derek Blasberg and so far im in love. In addition i feel like i’ve learned a lot from this book, i might not be deep rich literature but it is entertaining and benefits my rule as a classy lady, which i find just as important.

It would be a good read for a train journey. This book was very funny and it gave really good advice! Eighth Grade Bites 1. I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed this book from the moment I opened it!!

Very Classy by Derek Blasberg

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. If only more girls took a gander inside this precious gem of a book My goal for this week is to again get through as much as i can of the book but to also pace myself in a manner where i still have a good grip on the book and what it is that the author is trying to teach me.

But for the most part, the information I find very applicable to my life. There are many chapters describing what a respectable, and fun, young woman ought to know and do, and the many things she ought not to. Oct 28, Kelly rated it it was ok.

Next week i for sure want to finish Classy since my sister has been hoging on the book and i want to be almost done with the girl with the dragon tattoo.

Paket lengkap untuk menaikkan pamor diri. The quizzes were light relief from the blasbetg I liked this book in the form of Classy and have bought Classy but used it mainly to skim through, and blaeberg is basically an expanded version i. I liked this book in the form of Classy and have bought Classy but used it mainly to skim through, and this is basically an expanded version i. Read it Forward Read flassy first. Just so that i can really focus on one book and enjoy as i should.


Despite it being silly to other’s or whatever non sense those stinky boys have to say.

Want to Read saving…. Don’t be content with things as they are. Thought it would be a scathing assessment of the “ideal woman” expectation. Most of what the author does write I already knew about. Dec 22, Becky rated it did not like it. The quizzes were light relief from the information, and it is good that there are a lot of photographs and some illustrations throughout to break up the text.

And i am now i page Doesn’t mean that it overshadows my every book i read, because it really doesn’t but it still present. Suka banget saat di akhir proses menjadi “lady” bahwa harus banyak membaca buku Derek in the face.

Very Classy

To be frank, it wasn’t the type of book that I’d buy among any other lifestyle book as I browsed in the bookstore because to me, the book title is too broad and vague. As a reader i notice that i read slow but i really read. And there’s nothing fashionable about that. I just found it after 7 years and my now-feminist, socially aware self couldn’t be more horrified by the content. Apr 17, Lynx rated it it was ok.

I had a bunch of things to do. And my chronic fatigue syndrome prevents me from working out at the gym or keeping the house dust-free and tidy, so I did feel he was a little out of touch with the common person for instance by recommending travelling coach to save money I wouldn’t consider any other option. Gyms are for exercise, not cleavage.