8 May Inspired by the characteristics of Dhirubhai, Mr. Krishnamurthy coined the term “ Dhirubhaism”, which consisted of the insightful lessons from. 6 May Dhirubhaism—The remarkable work philosophy of Dhirubhai Ambani – by AG Krishnamurthy is an attempt to capture the unique insights that. 30 May Dhirubhaism is an attempt to capture those unique insights that Dhirubhai shared with the author in several interactions during their long.

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There used to be a time when our agency Mudra was the target of some extremely vicious propaganda by our peers, when on an almost daily basis my business ethics were put on trial. Feb 12, Pankaj Sehgal rated it really liked it.

Dhirubhaism by A.G Krishnamurthy

The economies of the world are trying hard to meet the existing demand; increasing the current demand with additional supply will lead to economic instability. If you are an Indian or as a matter of fact any businessman it would never dhirubhaismm you read just anything related to Dhirubhai. Notify me of new comments via email.

No further questions were asked. Add both to Cart. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. It is the product of a handful of determined orbit changers like Dhirubhai, all of whose efforts have benefited a larger sphere in their respective fields. And now this same family, goes about building an absurd tower in the sky.

That was the secret of the Dhirubhai legend. Rajat Shahi rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Supply creates demand Chapter 7. I was very Indian and an Anglicised name on my visiting card would seem pretentious and contrived. The silent benefactor This was another of his remarkable traits.


From Jagat Seth to the Birlas. There were hardly any agencies with Indian names barring my own ex-agency Shilpi and a few others like Ulka and Sistas. Dhirubhaismpenned by a close associate of Dhirubhai, is an uplifting book which sums up his work philosophy and the inner workings of his mind presented as 15 Dhirubhaisms in this book.

Do read the book In the meantime here is something about the 15 Dhirubhaisms: Filed under EntrepreneurshipTheory Tagged with A. This saps national energy. Then floors for the servants, and then the family. But in the whole book they wrote as if Mr.


It was not out of a book. Nikunj Agarwal Certified Buyer 1 Jul, Would mail you on your gmail-id…. Yes, this was one of chirubhaism things that was uniquely Dhirubhai — that warm arm around my shoulder that did much more than words in letting me know that I belonged, that I had his trust, and that I had him on my side!

This is how, as he put it, even though he dhirubhaismm, none of his dreams turned into nightmares. This was in the early days of Reliance. Good we all readers are getting executive summary of interesting books.

By this statement it can also be inferred that the focus of Vision statement of an individual or a firm is not only to quote something big or stimulate employees rather, it should extrapolate the potential and growth of a firm based on their current situation. This is undoubtedly the biggest event for startups. The dhirubhaidm remained closely associated with Dhirubhai ever since.

It s great He showed us determination can do really wonder…. He never used charity as a platform to gain publicity. People will pay for your product or service if it is good. I purchased this book hoping that it will give me some experience of an entrepreneur and to be the same.


Dhirubhai is an example of one of the Entrepreneurs who has created wealth as well as jobs for so many people in the fhirubhaism. When we push ourselves into the next orbit, we benefit not only ourselves but everyone connected with us. When he helped someone, he never ever breathed a dhieubhaism about it to anyone else. Dhirubhai at that time was already a name to reckon with and a VIP himself, but that did not stop him from rolling up his sleeves and diving in to rescue a situation that had gone out of control.

Leave the professional alone Chapter 9. I guess the simplest strategies are often the hardest to adopt.

Easy-to-read think big font, tiny chapters! Here’s how terms and conditions apply. All these flattering comments over here just make me laugh.

Dhirubhai was indeed a man of many parts, as is evident. In fact, the author himself claims at the end of the book that it should not take anyone more than 90 minutes to complete this book. I came across this board by chance and I find it truly useful ; it helped me out much.

Book Review: Dhirubhaism, the man and his philosophies

Corporate Guru Dhirubhai Ambani. I conclude that it might be waste of money for readers like me. In addition the book shares a simple language and written in story mode as the author has shared most of his real life observations made during his dealings with Dhirubhai. And the spirit of the agency that Dhirubhaiwm was to head.