Durbar – Kindle edition by Singh Tavleen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. Tavleen Singh’s is a racy memoir about a time long gone past. There is an element of bile in it too. But, in the realm of public memories, something is always . 19 Mar And Durbar by Tavleen Singh falls smack bang into the swirling vortex of innuendo, access and personal score settling that to most casual.

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The name even inspires Salman Rushdie to create a character in Satanic Verses. She tells stories of Delhi drawing rooms and power plays, big journalistic egos and unbelievable conspiracy theories. Still have a question?

The shadows cast by these events have been long and dark, and the author feels that the “possibility of an Indian renaissance If this book disturbs you, and forces you to ask questions, instigates and fires in your mind a desire to do some more research, and understand that era much better, it will have achieved its core task.

By the time one finishes reading the book several analogies like in the above can immediately be drawn. Of course being a journalist she adds her own writing style and tadka to it, harmless professional hazard I guess. So when Rahul Gandhi quotes Sonia Gandhi that power is poison, the Gandhi family has been stubbornly holding this powerful mantle rather non-poisonously.

But it was only when I shifted to Delhi in that I realised how English enjoys a higher social status even in independent India.

Durbar is a zingh account of some of the most impactful incidents that took place at the hands of the Central Government. We need to know. More than half the characters in the story are dead and the other half, including Sonia Gandhi, have no time to even refute disastrous allegations furbar her family.


All of them had a similar allure that was appealing to us. This language that is the key to India’s civilization. You dismissed this ad.

Review: “Durbar” By Tavleen Singh – The Reader

It was an obtuse move and did much to hamper peace in the valley. In case someone comes up talveen add to whatever Tavleen Singh has to say we might get some additional insight into the happenings of the Lutyens set in the s and 80s.

Which is the best motivational book to read by Indian author?

It covers Indira-Rajiv era, and provides a glimpse into the drawing rooms of the affluent Delhites where most of these political leaders shaped up, emerged out of. Singh returned durabr India in to work with The Statesman as a reporter. The efficiency with which Congress had nearly destroyed glory and idea of India is to be looked upon Durbar by Tavleen Singh. But, in the realm of public memories, something is always better than nothing.

The need of the hour is brutal and undivided focus on proposing policies for good governance instead of focusing solely on corruption. Singh observes, and more importantly, understands the man and his sway over the crowds that now vibrate with excitement and possibilities, and soon enough, deliver a verdict stating that Indira would lose power. Delhi-NCR should crowdsource air quality monitoring like Beijing; weeding out inconsistencies in data crucial to tackle pollution.

The book is believable, because it is her memoirs. She criticises him, but then defends him in the very next sentence, never to blame him directly and even if she does she automatically shifts the onus on to his advisers.

Durbar is not a erudite political analysis, but I don’t think it intends to be.


Your writing, at its best. There is an element of bile in it too. It makes tiresome reading and is heavily biased in content. It is time for Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi. Few gossips like – Sonia Gandhi was fond of fur coat and used to purchase them from Soviet Union but did not like the stitching and used to send them to fashion house Fendi to get it re-stitched- and many such juicy drawing room discussions provide comic relief in the book and give an insight into the human frailties of the high and mighty of Delhi Dynasty.

Durbar : An extremely interesting book

I mention this to underline the insulation that we young people have from politics today. It was past 9 p. Asian Age reviewer Ashok Malik is very correct in his observation that for all their access, political journalists in the capital are often the ultimate outsiders in Lutyens Delhi. Narendra Modi may have developed Gujarat astoundingly but the shadow of the riots never fails to leave him.

Indian Authors: How believable is the book Durbar by tavleen singh? – Quora

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So there is “gossip” put in paper to authenticate Ms Singh’s version of “gossip” because “all durbae a sudden” closeness evaporated, for no fault of her o A reflection of how Tavleen Singh tvaleen her press credentials, and how her family background helped her move about the highest echelons of government and politics is fascinating and makes one realise the concept of entitlement in India.

Its like anybody else. She graduated from St.