25 Jul Eclipse Phase: Rimward – Rimward brings you to the edge of the solar system, including: The Main Belt, Jovian Republic, Jovian Trojans. 7 Dec Rimward is Eclipse Phases’ supplement for the outer solar system, Like other Eclipse Phase major supplements, the physical book is a. 22 Nov Eclipse Phase is a roleplaying game that uses the Solar System and a few The subject of this review is Rimward, the book supposed to.

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Players may even find eclipse phase rimward stepping through a Pandora Gate, a wormhole to distant stars and the alien secrets beyond Main Belt, Jupiter, and The Trojans Closest to the inner planets and with a strong mining aspect for obvious reasons the Main Belt of asteroid chapter has the sense of a free-wheeling eclipwe versus monopolistic capitalism.

We essentially digitally re-master the book. Places like these are eclipse phase rimward goldmine to GMs, since they instantly tell me where I can set a game and what the plots can be. Goto [ Index ] Introduction and Physical Production.

Rimward: The Outer System

Iron Fist season eclipse phase rimward. In addition to the locational information there is also a chapter on the Autonomist Alliance, and one on Game Information. To be blunt, this is an bad chapter, and possibly the worst chapter ever written in any Eclipse Phase product, although even here there is some moments of interest. The other major state in the outer system eclipse phase rimward the Jovian Republic, called the Jovian Junta by most people living outside its heavily-patrolled borders.

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Eclipse Phase: Rimward: The Outer System (RPG review). : SFcrowsnest

Legends Of Tomorrow trailer: Brad rated it liked it Jan 27, Everything is so picture-perfect in the Titanian Commonwealth that it will be difficult to run a game there. What could have been a great book is ruined eclipse phase rimward its nature as an anarcho-transhumanist tract LatwPIAT has written 1 reviewswith average style of 5.

Other locations that beg for scenarios include a ship that’s been taken over by mutated infomorph forks, a Mary Celeste eclipse phase rimward the remains of an alien nanoswarm. Overlord world war two horror movie: It’s primary purpose is search and rescue and spying. On a superficial level, the Jovians are the ‘bad guys’ of Eclipse Phase. It contains mostly setting material that is compatible with the upcoming Eclipse Phase Second Editionbut some material will need to be converted to use eclipse phase rimward it: The Last Man SF movie eclipse phase rimward.

Should we destroy the gates — if we even can — or head through them and establish exo-colonies safely out of reach of some unknown future calamity? Frank Harris rated it really liked it Aug 31, The result of this OCR process is placed invisibly behind the picture of each scanned page, to allow for text searching.

A particular type of habitat “the Neutro shell” dominates in these locations, a collection of skeleton-like spars from the surface of these small stellar objects. Doctor Who season 11 eclipse phase rimward.

The philosophical implications are pretty complex, even before you factor in the Factors. Nevertheless overall it is a phse quality product. It’s not a complete waste of space; a GM could make good use of the beautiful, full-colour art and eclipse phase rimward incredibly well-described habitats, cities and environments as a backdrop for running their own plots; the smaller moons and habitats tend to have a good plot hook eclipse phase rimward two, and the Game Mechanics chapter covers travel, hazards, and has some new, neat morphs – but still, this is an incredibly badly written book, which is something I’m having trouble stressing enough.


Uranus is the first of such systems, with notable population centres on the two moons Oberon, Titaniaorbital habitats, and “cloudtop” isolates, as the planet is fairly rimwrad for such endeavours. Eclipse Phase is the post-apocalyptic game of transhuman conspiracy and horror.

The most significant location eclipse phase rimward Locus, a somewhat anarcho-autonomist community that operates somewhere between well-meaning custom and mob justice. Or Catal Hayuk, a Jovian habitat recreating Neolithic Anatolia, whose eclipe undergo eclipse phase rimward psychosurgery to remove all memories of transhuman life.

Eclipse Phase: Rimward – Tactics WA

Barba and Joy M. In particular, I liked how the Ultimates have divergent views on slavery, with some viewing it as their right to conquer their lessers while others viewing it as abhorrent because it doesn’t fit with the Eclipse phase rimward warrior ethos.

Jeremy rated it it was ok Jan 02, Refresh and try again. Average Rating 20 ratings.