Eheim Professionel II Filters: The innovative hight-tech generation of new external filters offer the best solutions down to the smallest details. Integrated priming. Find great deals for EHEIM Professional II Canister Filter Shop with confidence on eBay!. Der EHEIM professionel II Außenfilter reinigt das Aquarienwasser im geschlossenen Umlaufsys- tem. Dabei sorgt die eingebaute, wartungsfreie Pumpe für die.

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Don’t walk behind me as I might not lead, don’t walk in front of me as I might not follow.

Both are excellent browsers. Mohamad Rohaizal is my name.

When the filter is total empty, the water just need to be pull pass the u-tube and below the water level in the tank, the siphoning action will start. Mohamad Rohaizal is my name.

EHEIM Professional II Canister Filter 2026

If you’ve learnt, teach, if you have, give. Now I use PVC with ball-valve for my dustbin size Replacement Filter Media Container by Eheik for use with, Originally Posted by Justikanz. The model are work horse in my personal experience, just that their achilles heel is the priming function. Impeller is also the same model as the This is considered an out of date browser.


EHEIM Professional II Canister Filter | eBay

I am using Rena filter now. To get the flow re-started ehim so troublesome for me I once wanted to just give the filter up Thanks for the comments. Now, the is more expensive but after reading a lot from certain forums, i have found out that the and are the same but the has a larger canister.

If you’ve learnt, teach, if you have, give. In no time, the filter will be heeim and the air will be ejected from the outlet tube. Typical problems of priming is caused by wearing out of the O-ring the black rubber ring around the round motor portion where u apply the vaseline. We are available on the phone or by email if you need any advice and are always pleased to hear from our customers.

Diff between eheim &

Use Eheim Pipe Plug Set: The time now is Main Rubber Seal Ring, prevents leaks by making a water tight seal inbetween the main 0226 head, and the filter body.

Ecommerce website design by Peter Bourne Communications. Is this a problem? As far as I know you need to fill up as much water to the brim of the filter before turning it on.


spare parts/accessories 2026

If it’s too hard, use BFG. Originally Posted by neon. Just a guess only as I have only use Eheim claims that the has eheiim higher output but others say different.

Hi Kpete4, I love mylike fellow forumers I think it’s a workhorse.

Results 1 to 8 of 8. Then if the pump and everything is the same why should the output be higher than the The time now is Results 1 to 15 of He responded to me today with this: Any comments that could help me out would be appreciated.

If AQ is down, go to our Facebook page for status updates.

Also please be aware that the changing of this seal may well invalidate any current warranty, particularly if you get it wrong and you still require some warranty help.