PDF | In this paper we consider an abstract Volterra integral equation in an ordered Banach space. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. Volterra integral equations of the first kind with jump discontinuous kernels play important Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. . D.A. Panasetsky. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. The Volterra integral equations of arising in many phenomena in physics and engineering such as the .

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Single-file diffusion behaves as normal diffusion at small time and as subdiffusion at large time.

Volterra integral equation

ANSTO as well as synchrotron based. Fractional multilinear integrals with rough kernels on generalized weighted Morrey spaces. Fractional quantum integral operator with general kernels and applications. Fractional generalization of the Ginzburg—Landau equation: In this paper the generalized fractional Schroedinger equation with space and time fractional derivatives is constructed.

In convolution based profile fitting, profiles are generated by convoluting functions together to form the observed profile shape. Proceedings — Mathematical Sciences News. Due to their extreme memory requirements, however, existing CSC solvers have so far been limited to low-dimensional problems and datasets using a handful of low-resolution example images at a time. We introduce a new stochastic process called Riemann—Liouville step fractional Brownian motion which can be regarded as a special case of multifractional Brownian motion with a step function type of Hurst exponent tailored for single-file diffusion.

In this paper, we propose a new approach to solving CSC as voltrera consensus optimization problem, which lifts these limitations.

The memory demand depends on the computation and output mode. In addition to the traditional scores, the continuous ranked probability score CRPS and the probability integral transform PIT are applied as performance criteria. Quantum convolutional codes, like their classical counterparts, promise to offer higher error correction performance than block codes of equivalent encoding complexity, and are expected to find important applications in reliable quantum communication where a continuous stream of qubits is transmitted.

The response analysis of fractional -order stochastic system via generalized cell mapping method.

Equations built on fractional derivatives prove to be a powerful tool in the description of complex systems when the effects of singularity, fractal supports, and long-range dependence play a role. Under the condition of gH-Atangana-Baleanu fractional differentiability, we prove the generalized necessary and sufficient optimality conditions for problems of the fuzzy fractional calculus of variations with a Lagrange function.

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We examine the corresponding statistical properties of this model, discuss the spectral likelihood estimation and investigate the finite sample properties via Monte Carlo experiments. The results obtained here are quite general in nature and capable of yielding a very large number of known and presumably new results. Propagation of a general -type beam through a truncated fractional Fourier transform optical system.

Fractional Mellin transform is integral part of mathematical modeling method because of its scale invariance property. The manifold generality of the generalized Bessel function of the fiiletype kind is discussed in terms of the solution of the fractional kinetic equation in the paper. It allowed for a comprehensive description of a wide range of properties of kuzu starch pastes, depending on the conditions of pasting process.

Then we give more general versions of some integral inequalities for this operator, thus generalizing some previous results obtained by many researchers. A modified set of definitions for the fractional calculus is provided which formally include the effects of initialization. Outer synchronization between two different fractional -order general complex dynamical networks is investigated in this paper.

One of the most important aspects in the metrology of radiation fields is the problem of the measurement of dose profiles in regions where the dose gradient is large. Changes in carboxyhemoglobin equztion in arterial blood occur during general anesthesia and mechanical ventilation, although these amplitudes are small when compared to carbon monoxide intoxication.

Linear Volterra-Stieltjes integral equations in the sense of the Kurzweil-Henstock integral

Retrieved from ” https: The effectiveness of GM 1,1 with the fractional order buffer operator is validated by six cases. Indeed, abnormal accumulation of proteins and organelles in axons is a hallmark of these diseases. Full Text Available We present a direct solution technique for approximating linear multiterm fractional differential equations FDEs on semi-infinite interval, using generalized Laguerre polynomials.

First, we establish two Theorems that give the images of the product of H-function and a general class of polynomials inSaigo operators. A multithreaded implementation of implicit dealiasing that accepts an arbitrary number of input and output vectors and a general multiplication operator is presented, along with an improved one-dimensional Hermitian convolution that avoids the loop dependency inherent in previous work.

In discrete cases, these systems can be described by difference equations in which a fractional difference on the left hand side is equal to a total also a convolution of the generating functions of all previous values of the system’s variable with the fractional Eulerian number weights on the right hand side.


Full Text Available Generalized differential transform method GDTM is a powerful method to solve the fractional differential equations. We introduce some of their properties, and discuss how they can be used to develop FVC. Generalized characteristic ratios assignment for commensurate fractional order systems with one zero.


We study generalized fractional Langevin equations in the presence of a harmonic potential. The fundamental and the impulse-response solutions are studied in detail.

EUDML | Generalized Volterra integral equations

The effect of the trap is demonstrated filwtype introducing a simple model for the generalized diffusion coefficient of the particle. An implication of the fractional Ginzburg-Landau equation is a renormalization of the transition temperature owing to the nonlocality present. These features motivate the introduction of Caputo time fractional derivatives and allows us to calculate analytic expressions for the fractional longitudinal velocity correlation function and its associated memory function.

Solutions of the problem in the physical domain are obtained by using a numerical method of the Laplace inverse transform diletype on the Fourier expansion technique, and the expressions for the displacement, temperature, and stress inside the half-space are obtained.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The concept of the characteristic ratio is extended for zero-including commensurate fractional order systems. We provide empirical evidence by applying the GLMSV model to three exchange rate return series and conjecture that the results of out-of-sample forecasts adequately confirm the use of GLMSV model in certain financial vilterra.

These parameters provide a lot of additional information about structure and viscoelastic properties of the medium in comparison to the classical wquation of dynamic curves G’ and G” and shear creep compliance J t. Robust fractional order differentiators using generalized modulating functions method. To our knowledge, this is the first case of a generalized hypersensitivity reaction following treatment of tattoo allergy with the fractional CO 2 filetye.

Dosimetric evaluation of multi-pattern spatially fractionated radiation therapy using a multi-leaf collimator and collapsed cone convolution superposition dose calculation algorithm. The results reveal that tuning the fractional order allow an high sensitivity to the signal evolution, which filetpye useful in describing the dynamics of complex systems.

Correspondingly, the kernel support vector machine is utilized as the classifier layer instead of the multilayer perceptron.