The latest Tweets from Dr. Evan Osar (@evanosar). Chiropractic Physician, Author, Integrative Movement and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Chicago, IL. Evan Osar discusses his methods to help patients and clients with low back pain develop a more efficient core stabilization strategy and provides the rationale. Home» Evan Osar: Corrective Exercise Essentials [Video]. Corrective exercise can be a confusing and controversial topic. Some make corrective exercise the.

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Wandering Weights, Issue Dan John: About the Author As a chiropractic physician Dr. Traditional Deadlift Video 3: Like most things, however, the truth about corrective exercise lies somewhere in the middle.

When clients come to you for the first osag, they are presenting more and more postural and movement issues. It was designed to help the highest-level fitness professional distance themselves from the rest of the field.

About Us « Chicago Integrative Movement Specialists

In this package Evan covers the principles behind postural and movement dysfunction, corrective exercise and good program design. Most Popular Blog Tags Dan John Wandering Weights FMS Functional Movement Screen Gray Cook coaching strength training exercise program design designing training programs corrective exercise assessments fitness business personal training mobility physical therapy anatomy injury weightlifting programming conditioning.

Osar so that your clients will experience the same assessment and corrective-exercise program from any and all of your trainers. The muscles of the deep myofascial system pre-activate contract prior to movement to stabilize and control joint motion while the muscles of the superficial myofascial system coordinate movement and provide a higher level of stabilization. A library with our video blog series teaching corrective exercise application when working with the general population.

The Pain Free Exercise Blueprint: Create a new list.

Osar covers both movement and alignment assessments to ensure that you uncover any hidden issues that may be present for your client. In Video 1, we discussed one of our go-to corrective exercise patterns for improving glute function and hip mobility. Rather than moving them in a positive direction, exercises that focus too greatly upon intensity without ensuring optimal alignment, breathing, and control will move the individual further away from achieving an optimal core stabilization strategy.


Core Thoracopelvic Canister Patterns. Bending forward to pick up a light object, a newspaper for example, should not require the same level of muscle effort as is required to lift a child.

Osar has used with thousands of patients and taught to hundreds of other fitness professionals. This dual ability to maintain stability without over-compressing their joints and spinal discs is truly one of the key features of three-dimensional breathing. Learn more at Author Central. I am often asked two eban by my patients and attendees at training workshops I conduct: Available for download now.

The Rehabilitation of Back Pain: Your eban with Rebecca will be tailored to your needs to bring focused results, while still creating a deep state of relaxation and quiet for the mind. That means more and more clients who come to you will be in need of corrective exercise, but to introduce the right corrective exercise strategy, you need a proper assessment process. OverAmericans will have their hip or knee joint replaced this year Learn to assess clients and apply the right corrective exercise protocol.

While we taught 5 sessions this weekend, one of our most popular sessions […]. Rebecca has been a licensed massage therapist sincewhen she received osat diploma from the Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy. Quickly identify the fastest and simplest route to get the end result your client wants—no more guessing which exercises will work or being frustrated over a lack of progress. Body Maintenance — The Power of Routine. This approach can ultimately help chronic low back pain sufferers safely and effectively move towards accomplishing their functional goals while reducing tightness and discomfort.


Utilizing these principles is the most effective way I have found to consistently help our patients and clients maintain a more optimal postural and movement strategy and reduce symptoms related to chronic low back tightness and discomfort.

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Supported Squat Video 11c: Dysfunction of the Hip Complex continued Video You can then choose osarr ones that are most appropriate for your client.

He also gives three detailed case studies to help you see exactly how to apply principles to real-world situations. Well, they may not produce either. Essentially there are no good or bad core exercises.

Evan Osar: Corrective Exercise Essentials [Video]

Overhead Dumbbell Press Corrections Video 2b: Body Maintenance — The Power of Routine. Subscribe and we’ll send oxar articles to your email box. Modified Quadruped with Elbow Extension Video Osar will teach you how to educate your clients on what to do and NOT to do so that they can get better faster and you can empower clients to have control over their own program.

For this reason, we are starting to see the need for trainers to become more educated in corrective exercise strategies. The Components of Program Design — Introduction.

No more guessing, hoping that your shotgun approach to corrective exercise will owar clients overcome their issues. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Wandering Weights, Issue Eric Chessen: