27 Dec If your inquiry is in regard to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), please visit the FAA’s UAS website for all information, guidance, forms. 10 Nov SUBJ: Interim Guidance in the Preparation of FAA Form 1. Purpose of This Notice. This notice amends FAA Order JO , Facility. I CERTIFY that entries above are correct; that all scheduled operations have been accomplished, except as noted, and that all abnormal occurrences and.

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Time clocks or other automated timekeeping devices. Frequencies being used and type of watch continuous or scheduled being maintained on each frequency. Terminal facilities may establish local forms and procedures for recording, disseminating, and documenting the resolution of QARs.

Establish and post a list of equipment checks required during each watch; e. Facilities may use any of the following methods for documenting time and attendance reported for the servicing payroll office. Field 9 may be left blank if the same entry is appropriate and entered in field Facilities may establish local forms and procedures for recording and disseminating equipment malfunction and restoration information.

Notify the organization responsible for corrective action on equipment malfunctions. The first entry in the REMARKS section of each day’s form shall indicate the employee responsible for the watch and shall be used to show carry-over items.

Exercise care when preparing forms to ensure neatness and accuracy. Local forms used for recording this information are considered to be supplements to FAA Form and shall be filed with it. An example of the Daily Record of Facility Operation follows caa section.


Using agency-approved automation methods to complete FAA Form is preferred to using manual methods. If the second page back-side of FAA Form is used, then fields 1, 2, 3 and 4 on that page shall also be completed. Record QARs with the minimum detail necessary in order to identify the initiating incident for example, unusual go-around, 3-hour tarmac delay and how it was identified for example, in-flight evaluation.

The personnel log shall contain 7230- statement or certification signed by each shift supervisor affirming the form’s accuracy and approving the entries made by personnel while under their supervision. FAA FormPosition Log, is only required to be used during those times that the automated procedure is not available.

Initialing time and attendance reports may be used to document afa usage where this capability still exists. When an automated FAA Form is used, in lieu faaa actually signing the form, the employee assuming fax for the watch shall sign on using their name, e. When a mistake is made in filling out fields 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 – if the portion of the line that is incorrect can be legibly corrected, then line out that portion only and write the correct information.

Record the actual times an employee works and is absent on a daily basis. Air traffic managers shall not permit their facilities to participate in special studies and surveys nor agree to the forn of facility personnel to tabulate, prepare, or forward to outside organizations or parties any special summaries, abstracts, reports, or aeronautical data unless approved in advance by the Service Area office.

Data can be retained either electronically or on paper. Return to Table of Contents. When employees leave, they shall record their time of departure and initial the form.


Position logs shall be used as the sole-source record for on the job training instructor OJTI and evaluator time and premium raa. Use two-letter codes, as follows: This notification shall be in writing, signed by the employee and retained in facility files, or the notification may be included in a facility directive which authorizes the group form.

Personnel responsible for preparation of the Daily Record of Facility Operation, FAA Formshall ensure that entries are concise, yet adequately describe the operation of the facility, including any abnormal occurrences. Facilities may develop forms other than the personnel log to facilitate the documentation of leave and absence, provided: Promptly notify personnel responsible for conducting the review upon identifying the need for a QAR. Field 1 shall contain the facility three-letter identification code.

Field 7 shall contain the UTC time that the employee is relieved of responsibility for the position or the UTC time that the position is decombined.

The forms are a part of the facility’s permanent records and subject to review by authorized personnel or agencies. Use two-letter position codes as follows: Make an entry closing out FAA Form at the close of business.

Signatures or handwritten initials shall be in either blue or black ink. New daily forms shall be put into use at the start of each day’s business. Manage facility records in accordance with FAAO When only one position of a particular type exists, this field may be left blank.