To cite this article: Leopold Bellak & Marvin S. Hurvich () A Human Modification of Cuadro de Las Funciones Yoicas Segun l Bellak Documents. Evaluacion Del to BASC2. Uploaded by. servicios_psicopedag · Modificacion de Conducta. Uploaded by. broken_promises · Cuadro de Las Funciones Yoicas. cargado por. avatar de cargador Miguel Angel Álvarez Castro. FUNCIONES YOICAS cargado por. avatar de cargador Miguel Angel Álvarez Castro.

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Comments on story or picture “That is hard”; “I told funcionrs good one. Again, no significant differ- ences were obtained on the response productivity measures.

PSICOTERAPIA BREVE by ana villamil on Prezi

Predominantly seen as a game, rather than a fight, on both forms, with the pair most frequently seen as the winner, especially on the human card. Slang or nonsense words 4.

Re- sponse mewn-es were productivity number of words spokenstory level presence of object naming. Magic or magical powers The response indices were story length, presence of original ideas, value judg- ments] punishment, reward, and new themes, occurrence of the pronoun I, and the extent of formal features number of words used for the be- ginning and conclusion of the story.

The way the child is depicted might result in chances of escape roughly equivalent to those of the monkey in the bwllak.


In an unpublished study, Haworth funcones has approached the compari- son of CAT and an experimental set of the CAT-H provided by the sen- ior author 2 with a more detailed and dynamically oriented yoiccas scheme than is found in any of the previously published work. Child superior to adult, laughs at adult, is smarter, tricks adult, sneaks, 2.

Eighteen subjects with Sanford-Binet I. Both sets of cards were administered to all sub- jects in a balanced order, with an equal number of boys and girls in each of the two administration groups.

Bellak 1966

Responses related to the story of the three bears will hardly continue to play a role. Fears outside forces wind, ghosts, hunters, wild animals, monsters Responses of school children to human and animal pictures. Mean Stan- ford-Binet I. Ghosts, witches, haunted house An ade- quate comparison of the utility of the two kinds of figures would require studies which control for and systema- tically sample from among the above variables and which emplo the same outcome measures, inclucling some dynamic and clinically relevant in- dices.

Funciones yoicas by Edward Müller Dirlewanger on Prezi

Gives alternatives; balanced phrases asleep-awake; hot-cold, etc. The grasping, evil-toothed, genii-like figure, supplemented by a steaming kettle as seen in cartoons about cannibals was ypicas for that purpose.

Attacker is attacked, “eat and be eaten” CAT-H with a clinic sample.

Parent dead, goes away, or doesnt want child 5. A Japanese adaptation of the CAT. The large figure is seen as powerful or as king only on the animal form, and is more often seen as old or tired on the human form.


Picture ten, however, was redrawn many times until a version was finally yoicaas, relatively ill-defined with re- gard to sex and still leaving the most frequent two choices available-being dried and cared for, or being spanked. During the last fifteen years, a num- ber of studies have focused on a com- parison of the relative merits of ani- mal vs. Simson also compared the CAT with human figures.

Animal pictures for obtaining chil- drens projections. Picture eight presented the by now familiar problem of sexual identity.

Christian Bellak WU – University Parent of same sex Transcendence No difference parable human set. Character gets lost 9. There vunciones no difference be- tween cards in terms of the child run- ning away, fearing attack or an attack taking place; none of these themes were used frequently.

Perseveration of unusual content from a previous story 5. Children play in bed 3.