In this book, Gil Sharone takes you on a historical journey covering the pre- reggae styles of Nyabingi, Jamaican boogie, Burru, Ska and Rocksteady. Reggae. Download Gil Sharone Wicked Beats – Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae Drumming dvd booklet, playalongs with cd disc for free without registration. Gil Sharone Wicked Beats – Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae Drumming dvd booklet, playalongs with cd disc Gil Sharone Wicked Beats – Jamaican Ska.

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Gil Sharone – Drummerworld Video

Among the features of the Wicked Beats book are copious ad-lib variations, historical photos and information, and a recommended discography. An overview of all included material: I’ve been playing reggae drums for many years now, and I know that there is a lack of quality material out there to teach others about reggae music or reggae drumming.

I am amazed at how much information is packed into this single DVD. He also emphasizes that any player working through the book should not learn the patterns just from reading them.

Most of the educational videos and music I have seen over the years have terrible, honestly.

Coming up, it was just a part of me. Being raised in Los Angeles gave Sharone access to the best players in many styles, and he dove into ska and reggae with the same vigor as he did jazz and rock. You have to understand wicoed it makes you feel, and internalize the pulse, the pocket, and get comfortable with those tempos.


This is basically a library of information within a tutorial on reggae drumming, music, history and philosophy. Now Sharone has partnered with Hudson Music to publish a companion book to his instructional DVD, Wicked Beatswhich offers a historically based approach to reggae, ska, dub, and most other Jamaican drumming sharonf that have evolved since the s, with an emphasis on feel and style.

Gil Sharone’s Wicked Beats Book

This DVD addresses all of that. Add Wicked Beats to your library today! If you want to really play reggae like a pro, this is the way to go.

From that point on, the entire DVD encompasses everything you will need in order to play old school and modern reggae. Gil plays along with traditional Nyabingi drummers a real treatand he lets them explain Nyabingi philosophy, drumming as well as the purpose of wickev drums themselves.

Because of this, there are a lot of drummers who do not know how to play reggae, and it is evident in their feel and sound. Appreciation and Gratitude by Billy Amendola.

September MD cover artist Gil Sharone has built a career around his ability to navigate numerous styles in a convincing and authentic manner. Early in his professional career Sharone got the chance to play with the multi-genre masters Fishbone. The first portion of this video addresses the origin of reggae music through the Nyabingi rhythm and philosophy.


While a good knowledge of some other genres is helpful, Sharone says that a strong understanding of feel may be the most crucial concept in developing an authentic reggae sound.

Gil Sharone’s Wicked Beats Book – Modern Drummer Magazine

Will be used according to our Privacy Policy. There is so much well thought out information and insight included that this DVD could be a source of study for any drummer’s lifetime. A Study In Styles. His explanations are perfect, and his reggae drumming is VERY powerful. My hat is really off to Gil for being so knowledgeable and knowing the music so well.

When I wanted to dig deeper and see who invented this, I discovered the Skatalites and this beat that is so unique to Jamaican ska.