The TEG® Hemostasis Analyzer System provides a more complete .. TEG are trademarks or registered trademarks of Haemonetics Corporation in the. Consult HAEMONETICS’s entire TEG ® catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/8. Consult HAEMONETICS’s entire TEG Hemostasis Analyzer System catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/8.

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This graphic is called the clot, and is displayed together with a normal representation of the clot to the left, as shown above in figure 4.

TEG ® – HAEMONETICS – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Click on any tab to enter criteria for that tab. TEG-enabled users are also required to specify a QC database name. When the top of the carrier is flush with the bottom of the column, push the pin firmly into place using the plastic pusher located at the bottom of the carrier. Hemonetics, the magnitude of the output is directly related to the strength of the formed clot. Patient selection A list of samples for the selected patient are presented.

PN06-510 TEG 5000 User Manual

To go back to the Main screen, double-click anywhere on the screen or click on Main in the toolbar. Keep them in the styrofoam tray and covered when not in use. Note hadmonetics the Print dialog box that is presented when you select Print also lets you select which pages to print.

Suppressing Unwanted Samples—Quick Filters To filter the database for a specific patient, click on the Patient icon in the local toolbar.


In essence, the clot is a damage-control device, a temporary stopper, which gradually dissolves during vascular recovery. MA measures the strength of clot and is affected by platelet number and function and, to a lesser extent, by haemlnetics level. See Chapter 11 for information about preparing blood samples for analysis.

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Even though the data formats are different between version 3 and version 4 databases, version 3 databases can be imported into version 4 databases simply by selecting Merge from the File menu and selecting the database name. Hemostasis p Antifibrinolytic drugs: Inclusion of the PlateletMapping pop up box data on the multi-sample report is optional.

UserProfiles Page n To change any of the elements listed, click on the element you wish to change. Report preview If you are satisfied with the preview, click on the Print button to print the report.

TEG Hemostasis Analyzer System – HAEMONETICS – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Pipette the native or modified blood sample into the cup. Related Searches Coagulation analyser Cardiology software Surgery aspiration pump Autotransfusion unit Electric surgical suction pump Blood filter Intraoperative autotransfusion system Portable surgical suction pump Therapeutic apheresis machine Human coagulation analyzer Thrombapheresis machine Traceability software Traceability management system Reporting software Automated management system Automatic coagulation analyzer Medical management system Laboratory management system Visualization software Apheresis unit.

Note that deleting a sample that belongs to a cluster also deletes the cluster and the resultant percent inhibition calculation. Clotting data can be presented Page 33 Chapter Remote Version: Some tracings are long, up to three hours, and may not contain meaningful infromation after the first 90 minutes.

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Thus, CL30 and CL60 represent point measurements of the fibrinolytic status at exactly 30 and 60 minutes after MA is achieved. A balanced system is said to be one that provides hemostasis haemobetics the right place, in the right size, at the right time. Before you can enter any information into the system, you must log on with your operator ID. Select the appropriate tab for the type of setup you wish to perform.

Note that you have the option to total here by drug. Lastname, firstname [procedure] as in: The grid line color is set under the Video tab. Sample type updates p Heparinase: You can select any combination of these fields, to a maximum of 40 different criteria.

To be configured as follows: These tracings can easily differentiate in vitro which treated sample produces a normal tracing, and indicates which treatment will likely cause a similar effect in vivo8,9. Except for Patient ID, name, haemonettics procedure name all other information is optional, and is output only on the case summary report and any exported file to spreadsheet and statistical software.

Trend graphs Figure 5. However, if you approach the maximum size limit of 2GB, the database will stop working; the software will give a warning before the 2GB maximum is reached.