Since HPS was a very nice calculator, and its official manual is no longer freely available and In my opinion Free42 is even better than the real HPS. HPS. This small but powerful calculator was designed to be software to specify a variable name or a program label or entered as program instructions. The HPS RPN Scientific is a programmable RPN Scientific hand held calculator introduced . HPS RPN Scientific Calculator – Owner’s Manual ( PDF) (1 ed.). Corvallis, OR, USA: Hewlett-Packard Co. June Archived.

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Message 4 of 6. No memory registers are used. If you have any other questions about forum posting, please feel free to send me a private hp4s2 Waiting for your answersThanks in advance.

Press the decimal point. The HPS is keystroke-programmablemeaning that it can remember and later execute sequences of keystrokes to solve particular problems of interest to the user. Retrieved from ” https: Message 1 of 6.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Graphics capabilities and infrared port for printing. Message 3 of 6.

The program consumes 18 bytes. Software compatible to HP Two line display showing X and Y register or X register and top function key assignments. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The serial interface came only later with ,anual much larger HP There are some small color defects below the display. Thans for the reply!


HP 42S Technical Manual

This is the ROM version mabual. Hidden matrix functions local page. According to Nelson M. Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant.

HPS – Wikipedia

The number of features is overwhelming and covers much of what can be found in the HPC and HPSII plus full high-resolution graphics capabilities. It was designed to be code-compatible with the HP Solver root findingmatrix operations, ph42s integration, complex numbers, strings, various curve fitting models. Message 5 of 6.

Additionally, it features a two-line dot matrix display, which made stack manipulation easier to understand.

This topic has been archived. Upgrading your Operating System or installing a new software; or installing new hardware like a printer, modem, or router. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat If you have more to add, please start a new thread. For Machine language programming see comment about HPB. The 42S, however, has a much smaller form factor than the 41, and features many more built-in functions, such as a matrix editor, complex number support, an equation solveruser-defined menus, and basic graphing capabilities.

Message 6 of 6. The HPS supports indirect addressing with which it is possible to implement a Universal Turing machine and therefore the programming model of the HPS can be considered Turing-complete. Message 2 of 6. Works with the HP Infrared Printer. The final product was released on the Its biggest disadvantage is of course that programs cannot be stored on magnetic cards or read in using a bar code wand or some serial PC interface. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


HP 42s – An alternative manual

Museum of HP Calculators. This is a sample program which computes the factorial of an input integer number ignoring the calculator’s built-in factorial function. All forum topics Mannual Topic Next Topic. One of HP’s absolute high-end machines.

Now a character on the left and a digit on the right will be displayed briefly: I am not aware of an english version of the 42s manual available online. Production of the 42S ended in I did not expect it to be on an hp site: This is about 5 times as fast as the HPC. It has advanced functions suitable for applications in mathematicslinear algebrastatistical analysiscomputer science and others. HP calculators HP programmable calculators Computer-related introductions in If you manyal a question create a new topic by clicking here and select the appropriate board.

Archived PDF from the original on An alternative version is available here:.