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Limited 6s,Jan. Many sections have finished are the receipts and iba for the past week and for the Sicking, and it will be generally completed by the middle of oorresponding week of the previous two years. An issue of 4 per cent year Tennessee refunding bonds has been negotiated with Frederick Wolffe of New York as mentioned in tlie Chronicle of October 1st, and the bonda which are at present called constitute the first instalment of those to be redeemed with the proceeds of the new issue.

Village is situated in Hamilton County. The thermometer here over a large and important portion 48191 the South during the has averaged 63, ranging from 86 to The gradual removal of quarantine restrictions by countrids that cotton belt, had closed their ports against the United States under faar of is permitting the expaosion of the export trade agnin. Cotton freights the past week have been as follows: Wilminoton— To Liverpool— Oot.

Whitney and George G. The case on which the decision was rendered was that of the Chicago Northwestern Railway, plaintiff in error, against John Osborne, defendant in error. A Septemb’r, 39, 35, IJe total sales of cotton on the spot and for kbw delivery each day during the week are indicated in the toUowinK Katement.

Bleached shirtings and wide sheetings are steady with barely an exception, while other domestics are strong, with further occasional advances quoted; printed fabrics are firm but ginghams weak. In Chicago the proportion of such buildto a dwelling, namely Massachusetts, Rhode Island ings is per cent, and in Brooklyn per cent.


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See our other membership options. Rain has fallen on two days of the shipments since Sept. Bkltbnore Range of sales in Statements of much the same character are made with regard to the cities farther west, and indeed the East is in but little better shape, bills receivable 5i 6 per cent for four months the New York Central Eailroad having posted Thurs- commission house names, and 6 6ii- per cent for day on the Produce Exchange of this citygood single names having from four to six months bushels of wheat for which there was no room in to run.

Tot attractive, for the average yield, including the 1i2 1I 1j: Isset toOth ; tioiit, twhitiit: JIPSN t soil l fl-!

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Stook Rxohange for the purchase and sale on commission of stocks and bonds for cash or on margin. Including Friday of previous week. The seller has relisted this item or one like this. The water works were built in by Tennessee. Thus it happened that the number of roads embraced in our statements not only did not show a decrease but actually showed an increase, reflecting in this the [Vou. May deUvery 4 26 4 Tkurt. Tiesi iss rsre P 5? Two oarrleiH may use the aarao road, but each haa Ita acparate line.

Stock of Print Clotht- During Wednesday and Thursday the bulls were disconcerted by the very indiilerent manner in which Liverpool received the advices of probable frost damage to crop, and that, together with large offerings of Novemter notices, had a depressing influence. To Uamliurg-Oot teamer Snllesworth, The securi- has as yet been taken by the city.

There is another class of consolidations which, though not commanding the same degree of prominence, since they inthat class of consolidations by their very Tolve smaller aggregates of mileage, operate just as surely in the direction of the concentration of railroad and the reduction of the number of independent roads.


Water transportation of course is very cheap, and where the Reading uses its Poughkeepsie Bridge route in competition with the water route, it will have to take the traffic at low rates.

So great is the congestion that the leading roads of the Northwest are now reduced to almost no available cars for the freight offering, some of them having been forced even to issue orders to take no more new freight at present 418991 cannot move it and they could not ita elevators, notifying care of it, store if or it — it they could move it. Bat it is not facts. Paul 96,6 ‘0 7! To ratify, oonflrra and approve the lease of the Providence A Springfield Uallroad Company, heretofore executed on the 1st day of October,which lease will be submitted at the meeting for the: Thr n r”stiIs Aosisaos s.

For a wliile there may The price of and yesterday silver rose to 39M on Thursday pw be a further recovery, kbw the best informed are convinced that before long there will be a sharp fall.

AOa 35 Do 1st pref. About this image Short Description: The following interior on Wednesday morning. Frank Jones, Piesident of the corporation the Hor.

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In the matter of average number of persons to a family and also the diverting traffic, therefore, the policy of the managers average number of persons to a dwelling in the United Yet will doubtless be to proceed slowly and with great cir- States have diminished during recent decades.

Both principal and Pullman, Wash. Much such a course.