Serial No JK Worked Hours hrs Boom: Heavy boom m ( ton) Light boom m ( ton) Luffing Jib m boom + Jib m Hook. Category. Crane. Kobelco Product Year. Manufacturer. Japan. Maximum Capacity. ~ tons. Main Boom Lenght. Luffing Fixed Jib Lenght. Kobelco (Cranes & Material Handlers: Crawler Cranes). Kobelco Specifications. KOBELCO offers crawler excavators in the 3, lb. to , lb.

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Home inspection sample report Documents. The crane load capacity chart will be displayed in cab of the crane in full view of the operator Result: The boom will telescope in and out, and boom up and down under a rated capacity load.

Sample Inspection Report 2 Documents. Please verify the availability of the operator license SIO which was not shown to the inspection team during inspection.

Footwear Inspection Sample Report Documents. The load block lifted and hold to elevation mm above ground.

Supply Kobelco 7450 Crawler crane used 450ton crane TEL:+8613818259435

Sample inspection report copy Documents. Melvin LimKkbelco Phone: Melvin Lim – Managerfax www. New listings Toggle navigation. Sample Review Prepared By: Reproduction of material appearing on this Web site is strictly prohibited without written permission.

Thursday 14 November Crawler Crane ton Kobelco After proper inspection, there will be a test load for the ton Crawler Crane Kobelcowe was conduct the load test on following condition: The crane load capacity is present inside the operator cabin, not kobleco the direct line of sight of the operator.


The crane vertical limit switches are working properly Test Load for Crane 1.

Sample report infrared home inspection Real Estate. Kobelco Crane Specifications. Counterweights are in correct jobelco and weight 1. Seller Cranes Crane Parts Equipment. The crane operator is competent and familiar with the machine, including the safety systems and is fully capable of reading and understanding the load chart Result: Leave your message here: Load Test Procedure Prepare the ton crawler crane Kobelco for load test. Sample Inspection Report Appendix B.

A Scammer is sending Phishing Emails to some of our customers advertising cranes for sale, you can see a copy of the Scammer’s Email here.

KOBELCO, , T Crawler Crane | Used

Crane Parts Inspection Point The crane was inspected for: Delivery Destination and Comments. The crane can perform multi-functions at the same times, i. The crane load capacity chart mandatory Result: Manitowoc Liebherr Grove Cormach National. Please verify the mechanics claims that the oil leak during crane inspection was the over flow from recent hydraulic oil change, thus there is no leak. The overload function for each drum is working properly and disengage when the maximum working radius is reached for the rated load being lifted, this test will be applicable only if the crane is equipped with a Load Moment Indicator LMI Result: Crawlers are in good condition Correct counterweight as recommended by the manufacturer Result: End the load test, lower the load block and remove all sling wire rope and secure the load block to proper lay down storage.


KOBELCO T Crawler Crane in Islamabad, Pakistan

Sample home inspection report Documents. Spoolings are correct for the both drum Tire or crawler inflation and wear Result: Sample Ntd Inspection Report Documents.

Your in Crane Network. Disengage the ton crawler crane Kobelco Not available, the crane is using lattice boom. Sample Report for Furniture Inspection Documents.

If you have been contacted by these hackers, please stop engaging with them, and please send us whatever information you’ve gleaned from them, so we can use it to prosecute to the fullest extent kkbelco the law. Load 4750 Functional Testing A long radius, full capacity load test was performed to certify that: Check the ton hook block before and after load test for any deformation.

Test Load of Sample Home Inspection Report. Sample Inspection Report Template Documents. First measurement, – Time: The crane is able to perform multi-function in the same time. The inspection will be carried out in accordance with the equipment inspection checklist.

To actively assist you in the sale kboelco your equipment. No broken wires, hoist lines are in correct termination Structural integrity of the load block and overhaul ball Result: