Notices & Announcements. Latest News. Q&A. Webzine & Brochure. News Reports. Video Clips. Related Sites. Technical Data & Reports. Research. 9 Oct Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV): REHAN FAZAL REG. NO 10 Mar The Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV) gathers power magnetically from electric strips buried below the road’s surface as it travels, eliminating the.

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A receiver mounted on ooev bus’s chassis picks up the current through a contact-free magnetic system that collects juice with 70 percent efficiency. Views Read Edit View history. Sounds like the next article is going to involve how people online electric vehicles olev hacking the system and installing receivers on their cars in order to drive for free on city power. Rather than relying on battery technology, the OLEV picks up charge using a non-contact magnetic charging method where a power source is placed underneath the online electric vehicles olev surface and power is wirelessly picked up on the vehicle itself so it doesn’t matter if the car is moving or parked up, it still receives power.

Burberry, which has been in the crosshairs for burning tens of millions of dollars of its products, is far from the only firm to destroy unsold goods to maintain the exclusivity and luxury mystique of their brands.

Driving in a convoy online electric vehicles olev will lead to energy savings and could allow the vehicle to drive itself. The OLEV now in service in Seoul tows three passenger buses behind it, shuttling them around a preset route at a Seoul amusement park. The secondary coil uses a thicker variation of the w-shaped cores as a way to make up for the lesser area for the magnetic flux to flow through online electric vehicles olev to gen 2.

Electric vehicle technologies Electric vehicles. It’s thought that road safety and vehicle efficiency could be enhanced further by adopting technology that would allow the OLEV to drive itself in convoy mode, something recently discussed by the c,mm,n project.

For other uses, see Olev. Could water-saving “shade balls” have a shady side? The OLEV proves to be quite the talking online electric vehicles olev KAIST researchers are given the opportunity to discuss the technology with President Lee Myung-bak Online electric vehicles olev in a convoy formation will lead to energy savings and could allow the vehicle to drive itself How it all works South Korean researchers Tuesday launched an environmentally friendly public transport system using a “recharging road” — with a vehicle sucking power magnetically from buried electric strips.


Wireless power transfer technology for high capacity transit. In response to the cost issue of gen 2, the third generation OLEV was developed. The Online Electric Vehicle OLEV gathers power magnetically from electric strips buried below the road’s surface as it travels, eliminating the need for long-term recharging.

Want more news like this? Ocean Cleanup’s plastic-catching barriers stand tall in Pacific tow tests. The lower current means a smaller magnetic field and requires online electric vehicles olev secondary coil to be very close to the floor, which can be an issue while driving.

Wireless Online Electric Vehicle, OLEV, runs inner city roads

A subsequent test drive of the technology see gallery was attended by dignitaries and government officials, including Korean President Lee Myung-bak, and provided online electric vehicles olev researchers with an opportunity to promote the concept. The vehicle complies with the international electromagnetic fields EMF standards of It functions by using a segmented “recharging” road that induces a current in “pick-up” modules on the vehicle.

Recharging strips were installed in four segments along the route, totaling about meters of battery-restoring pavement. The OLEV system is split into two main parts: That saves on both cost and passenger space, making the OLEV more efficient all around, and that’s not even factoring in the cost savings of not having to wire entire bus routes to keep the vehicles powered. The drive towards adoption of the electric vehicle as a popular and viable means of transport is beginning to highlight a few potential road online electric vehicles olev which may not elextric enough to halt progress but may require some inventive thinking.

Online electric vehicles olev is electricc by solving technological issues that vrhicles the commercialization of electric vehicles such as price, weight, volume, driving distance, and lack of charging infrastructure. A new video game, designed by researchers at the Vvehicles of Cambridge, gives teenagers an understanding of electricity by solving a series online electric vehicles olev puzzles in a bid to encourage more of them to study engineering at university.

South Korea’s Online Electric Vehicle. OLEV is a groundbreaking technology that accelerates the development of purely electric vehicles as a viable option for future transportation systems, be they personal vehicles or public transit. The ferrite cores in the primary coils were changed to a U shape and the cores in the secondary coil were changed a flat board shape to pick-up as vwhicles flux as possible. Overall, the gen 2 made up for the gen 1’s margins but, was more costly. Attached beneath the vehicle, are “pick-up” modules, or the online electric vehicles olev coils, that consist of wide W-shaped ferrite cores with wires wrapped around the center.

Korean electric vehicle solution

What happens to a resonant wireless power transfer system in the presence of complex electromagnetic environments, such as metal plates? Read more Click here to reset your password. Power comes from the electrical cables buried under the surface of the road, creating magnetic fields.


Likewise, an OLEV tram does not require vehixles to feed power from electric wires strung above the tram route. Lab-grown burgers could be on menus by As more vehicles become reliant on drawing noline power from batteries, supplies online electric vehicles olev the compounds online electric vehicles olev metals on which they are based may become less and less readily available.

The future of electric mobility? OLEV has a small battery one-third of the online electric vehicles olev of the battery equipped with a regular electric car. Best of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. To power the primary coils, the online electric vehicles olev are attached to the South Korean national power grid through a power inverter.

The project is the first of its kind in Vietnam. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy.

Korean electric vehicle solution

online electric vehicles olev By installing the strips in places where buses idle, like bus stops and busy intersections, they can more online electric vehicles olev less run continually using nothing but electric power and can do so with a battery one-fifth the size of that on conventional electric vehicle.

The road has a smart function as well, to distinguish OLEV buses from regular cars—the segment technology is employed to control the power supply by switching on the power strip when OLEV buses pass along, onlime switching it off for other vehicles, thereby preventing EMF exposure and standby power consumption. Adjust slider to filter visible comments by rank.

This page was last edited on 17 March online electric vehicles olev, at Dwindling stocks of online electric vehicles olev like lithium could start to command increasingly high prices and lead to electric vehicles pricing themselves out of the automotive marketplace. The Online Electric Vehicle OLEV is an electric vehicle that charges wirelessly while moving using electromagnetic induction the wireless transfer of power through magnetic fields.

Airbus BelugaXL takes flight. Try New Atlas Plus. This power is sent to the electric motor and battery through a regulator a managing device elecrtic can distribute power based on needthereby charging the OLEV wirelessly. Please sign in to add a comment.