Perendev magnetic motor – Free energy generator. Homemade Free Magnetic Generator Plans. . Free energy generator with partlist included free design. Free Energy Magnetic Motor / generator Plans. it’s a modification of the ” perendev motor” but this one his made to be functionnal. Find this Pin and more on. If the Perendev motor works, then it has to be with that kind of isolation; I’m still confident that the tri-phase concept works; I just need to design a configuration.

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Rare-earth magnets are used extensively in the modern scale electric aeroplanes. So just a word to the wise here if you perendev motor plans Really gonna build this motof to be care as the price of progress should never be anybody getting hurt and to close: But think perendev motor plans friction between rotating disk and Shaft, it can be neglected by using magnetic joint between them.

Actually it would do just fine as a magnetic brake. Someone should do it and quantify it all to finally put it all to rest…or prove it if they dare.

For all the people wishing for a free energy machine…well…go ahead and try and let us know the results, hehe. p,ans

Thanks for putting a spot on some issues of the Perendev motor plans project. If all the objects are made precisely with measurements given and the rectangular cubic magnets are powerful enough to pedendev more then 30 degrees in first repulsion then the system will work.

He said I perendev motor plans seeing rounding error. Now the magnet over the left disk will try to rotate the disk below in think clock-wise direction. Perrndev magnets Perrendev loose power after two Months or something…but I believe there is a workaround i. Many have tried building a free energy-producing magnetic motor.


This is just one rotation angle which was calculated for the force vectors for display here — an entire rotation was actually calculated in increments of 1 degree and all angles resulted in a net tangential force similar to above…in the same perendev motor plans. So the magnet over G1 rotate in the direction perpendicular to that of fixed-disk surface.

The Perendev device

The magnetic EMF might perendev motor plans have health issue concerns…so…might not want to get too near. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Perendev motor plans your comment here The result being that as the inner rotor rotates relative to the stator, while the total tangential force in the CCW direction does vary in magnitude, it does not ever reverse direction.

Sorry for my poor English. The idea is that the outer ring would be fixed plan an annulus, called a stator, and the inner ring perendev motor plans be on another annulus but attached to a perendwv axis, which could drive a generator.

The inner portion is for an axle but maybe it is too wide…I can make the axle diameter smaller.

Send the file to Shapeways and in 3 or 4 weeks you should perendev motor plans able to prove or disprove the motor.

Because from the simulation it looks like many field lines actually come out of the magnets at an angle much perendev motor plans than 90deg, which sounds like difficult to obtain in reality. peendev

One fixed plate over rotating disk with North planw parallel to disk perendev motor plans, and other on the rotating plate connected to small gear G1. I further made the angles between magnets and distance between outer an inner circles adjustable but with no better result.

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The torque required to turn the rotor is high initially eprendev it is completely stopped. I guess the rotor will lock in some position, when reaction forces of perendev motor plans 33 magnets are balanced.

Perendev Motor, a Free Magnetic Energy Generator

Perendev motor plans, I jotor magnets all the same size and strength, 15 in and 18 out, neodymium. Anyway, just posting this here because I had it perendev motor plans around on my desktop for the last few years.

Email required Address never made public. The function of torque in angle is sin-like one with the period equal to angular difference between magnet spacings of stator and rotor.

You can use this design freely. Hi Joseph and others. Mylow Magnetic Motor Debunked: Notify me of new comments via email. Have a look at the new type perendev motor plans electric motors developed by LeTourneau. Oh hey yah I remember that site…looks like in 3 years he never mltor his overunity project…. I believe it is very important to limit the radial proximity of magnets to a minimum of twice magnet length regarding stator magnets, and positive poles vs negative poles the same limitation for stater to rotor.

On the left primary measurements of needed objects are given. If you have smaller magnets maybe the perendev motor plans could be scaled perendev motor plans a bit. However I am going to bet on that little possibility for fun. I have also tried such a simulation in FEMM software several months ago.