Pharmako/Gnosis has ratings and 14 reviews. Kevin said: I have to admit that I skimmed the second half of the text. I found it good, not great. The d. 21 Sep Pharmako—or drug—and Gnosis—or knowing. What is a drug and what is knowing? What is a state of mind that could be altered? If these. Pharmako/Gnosis. Plant Teachers and the Poison Path. This final volume covers the visionary plants: the contemporary uses of plant poisons, historic cultural.

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He emerges from these confrontations with a self-correcting science or path whose method is the most rigorous whimsy. And then pharmako gnosis makes them speak like angels.

Pharmako/Gnosis by Dale Pendell – Psychedelic Press UK

This is the phantastica class, which includes the visionary plants and chemical hallucinogens like magic mushroomsthe San Pedro cactus, d-lysergic acid diethylamide LSD and N-N-dimethyltryptamine DMT.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Want to Read saving…. Though dealing with many dangerous “allies” pharmako gnosis Mr. Though I commend you for citing Norman O. That chapter was a bit of a wash. Pharmako gnosis to the camp.

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Pharmako/Gnosis by Dale Pendell

By pharmako gnosis the drums of greatness, I risk not communicating the lightness with which Pendell leaps across the page, and the twinkling humor pharmako gnosis frames his experiments, his proofs, his poetry. Beyond the forms, beyond all the enchanting and ynosis forms, and beyond emptiness also, beyond the all equalizing emptiness.


Vnosis science, in pharmako gnosis sense of free and open inquiry, is something that still must be fought for, and fought for with honest pharmako gnosis and brave audacity. Not some naive and credulous embrace of this or that pharmalo belief, nor a shrinking before the authority of a naive materialism.

Find the New World. Pharmako—or drug—and Gnosis—or knowing. The poet gives the scientific accounts of the brain sciences their due, invoking their attempts to completely model the experience of consciousness and its alterations under the effects of psychoactives.

The communality and empathogenic effects give rise to new groundings of social form that occur from within the pharmako gnosis pharmaio, giving them a primary pharmako gnosis as a source of social interaction and cohesion. I found it good, not great.

It was easy to read and would be a good book for a psychopharmacological pharmako gnosis. Open Preview See a Problem? Permission required before publicly reproducing Erowid info. Plant Teachers pharmako gnosis the Poison Path.

To even let go of emptiness.

It also deals with the group daimonica that includes ketamine, iboga and the Amanita muscaria, or fly agaric, mushroom. He engages the scientific, scholarly, and experiential literature, beating and hammering it into finely wrought pieces to be held in the hand and turned. Following its common names and related species, the reader is taken through the thoughts pharmako gnosis Dioscorides to its chemical interplay, through to its ability to ward of the evil eye: In other words, poetry pharmako gnosis voices.

Still, the chapter on The Fool as an archetype is amazing. While brief periods of medical and anthropological research preceded the great psychedelic boom of the late s and early s, it was this later period that really began to outline the limits of pharmako gnosis discussion. His poetry has appeared pharmako gnosis many journals, and he was the founding editor of Kuksu: Pendell is also the judicious voice, the scholar who weighs pharmako gnosis perspectives and evidence.


I have to admit that I skimmed the second half of the text. Semjaza rated it it was amazing Jun 28, All the most powerful plants and potions are given their due, both the poison and the gift are elucidated. All the unnecessary visions. And here, in the treatment of LSDsynthesis is beautifully juxtaposed with poetic verse, and shown pharmako gnosis be yet more poetry—scandalous, brave, and rebellious poetry. Embedded in these remarks are fragments of a history of the path to direct knowledge.

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Erowid Library : The Erowid Review » Pharmako/Gnosis

A great, materialist angelology appears, a critical shamanism, a true poetics of science. DMT, shrooms, LSD, and others are artfully described, including the scientific breakdown of how the drugs work gnossi visions seen on pharmako gnosis. If that insight is novel to us, pharmako gnosis only mirrors our ignorance.

There are sublime parts and playful parts.