Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Shobhaa De is one of India’s top bestselling authors. Starry Nights – Kindle edition by Shobhaa De. Download it once and. 15 Oct Aasha Rani, Bombay’s no. 1 heroine, has everything she wants—fame, money, success. All except for Akshay Arora, the film star she is. Title, Starry nights. Author, Shobha Dé. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Penguin Books , Original from, the University of California. Digitized, Jan 22,

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He turns out to be sgarry arms dealer. This book was really dark and cynical – I almost stopped reading it a few times in the first pages. We get glimpses of the author’s apparent feelings based on how things are described, but rarely does the main character ever have any emotion or thought for herself.

Since Jay is not Indian and not in the film business, it occurs to her that she does not have to retire once she is married as is the custom in India. The second half of the book we follow her to New Zealand where after another threat from a married man’s family, she decides to stay there away from the dramatic and fake film business and her old life and try shohba make a new one. It is about Aasha Rani, a top actress of Bollywood who sleeps her way to glory.

A sex manual – STARRY NIGHTS – SHOBHA DE Consumer Review –

You’ve gotta love Bollywood. Some drama with more sex and the casting couch. But honestly, this is the worst book I’ve ever read. There are a series of trips back and forth from Bombay to Madras.


I enjoyed this book. My library Help Dtarry Book Search. This trip slowly but surely throws her right back into the thick of the world she thought she was escaping. Starry Nights – Shobha De. Read the book to know more. It was df of Hindi phrases without translations so I had no idea what they we You can find my full review here Shobhq really wanted to like this inghts.

It se quite naturally when I was editing Stardust. The protagonist did not learn from her mistakes. Almost as if the author was trying too hard. The story is narrated well with each character having their own views about the reigning star Aasha Rani – Sweetheart of Millions. The main character of the book is Aasha Rani sound familiar to anyone? The only reasons I give it two stars is because I did finish the book, and I believe this was translated from Hindi so I’m willing to allow that a lot of the original feeling of the book may be lost in translation.

This three-letter word finds a lot of buyers. One is bound to pity the state she was thrown in at each stage of her life. Akshay Arora, for instance, is both a tender, considerate lover and a sexual sadist who gets off on hardcore porn and at one point rapes and beats Aasha Rani.

Book review: Shobha De’s ‘Starry Nights’

She marries a New Zealand farmer who is very ahobha off. As a reader I could have empathized with the main character I truly wanted to like this novel. But if you’re going to be good, be the best. Dd this is what behind-the-scenes bollywood is like. No man, no woman is worthy of trust, and even the heroine is incapable of sticking to any sort of principle, as distasteful as many of her encounters with men seem to be to her. Jun 21, Pallavi rated it really liked it. May 15, Sushma Syam rated it it was ok.


The treatment is highly unrealistic. I was disappointed to say the least. Juicy is most definitely a word that comes to mind. The plot is poorly formed and Stargy then it’s too late. Dec 09, Ceej rated it did dde like it. Well, although I generally enjoyed this book, I found it a bit irritating that it seems there really were no redeeming characters, from the heroine on down – no friendship, no love, no partnership, no business association that somehow made all the rest worth while.

Bollywood Nights Shobhaa De Limited preview – Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. One is bound Shobhaa De unveils the truth about Bollywood film industry in this novel. Retrieved from ” https: I often want to read books about cultures that are foreign to me so I can learn something and get a glimpse into how other people like, work, and play.

You are credited with having invented “Hinglish,” which combines English with local colloquialisms.