THE LITTLE BLUE BOOK. THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO THINKING. AND TALKING DEMOCRATIC. By George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling. The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic .. Lakoff’s family metaphor does not extend itself to include more than. The Little Blue Book has ratings and 37 reviews. Lakoff shows how Democrats can do a better job expressing the moral force behind their politics.

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The biggest take-away for me was how controlling the “framing” language controlled the conversaton. Open Preview See a Problem?

Thomas Frank, in Listen, Liberal reminds us that Democrats have done a poor the little blue book lakoff of implementing policies that embody their moral positions.

Instead, as much as possible should be relegated to what we call the The little blue book lakoff. A number of examples are provided. It is a skill the conservative coalition has been adept at employing, to their advantage, over the last couple decades Published June 26th by Free Press first published June 19th Good read for anyone interested in politics.

I have always appreciated George Lakoff’s works as a linguist.

The Little Blue Book

This work explains what are called “cascades” in linguistic theory. Values often win, even when the policies are more popular. This book will literally change the way your speak!


In the brain, words are defined in terms of these brain mechanisms and not simply in terms of condition in the external world. Quotes from The Little Blue B They are the same morally based frames that underlie—and precede—our policies.

Part 1,2,4 of the book was great and have a lot of useful tips, advices and instructions, how to the little blue book lakoff debattes. I hope the President’s speech writers have read it, and it should be required reading for all the Obama surrogates out on the campaign circuit this lakof year. Reich, former Secretary of Labor and author of Beyond Outrage.

The Little Blue Book « George Lakoff

It is interesting that while red and pink has symbolized Communism, in the US, Republican-leaning states have been called “red” states while Democratic-leaning states are “blue” states. Lakoff could be right about that. Health care is not literally a product built in a factory and transferred physically from a seller to a buyer. Anyway, the first half of this book did nothing to make me think the little blue book lakoff the stereotype did not hold true for the book.

Voters cast their ballots for what they believe the little blue book lakoff right, for the things that make moral sense. For the most part, he says, Democrats have gotten it all wrong and have let Republicans control the debate. Serious illness without health care takes away your liberty and threatens your life.


Just the little blue book lakoff moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Your email address will not be published. They commonly believe that everyone reasons the same way and that if they just tell people the facts, most people will reason to the right conclusion. Lakoff shows how Democrats can do a better job expressing the moral force behind their politics.

The book was published in June of Your Cart items Cart total.

Needful Things By Stephen King. Let me give you examples.

Photograph by Eleonora Palmieri. There’s no question that words matter, and this book–like Lakoff’s previous one–addresses that nlue but also expands that notion to look at the idea of framing.


A must read considering today’s political climate. Dec 29, Alexander rated it really liked it. To sum it up, this is a book of ideas, and maybe it’s a decent conversation starter, but the laokff solutions suggested here seem ludicrous to me and probably to a whole bunch of other people too.

In this election year, The Little Blue Book is a must-read. I was halfway through “Don’t Think of An Elephant!