TSUBAKI. A、 Ball screw. B、Ball way. A1 ~ A B1 ~ B Linear Motion Products. Ball screw. Ball way TSUBAKI ball screw classification and series . Combination of screw shaft outer diameter and lead of TSUBAKI ball screw series (P. A5). Recirculation system for ball (P. A3). Preload method of ball screw (P. the Tsubaki Group provides solid support for the global business activities of . Highly efficient ball screws provide long service life even under high speed/high .

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We have a group of professional engineers we can provide drawings according to customer’s. It is also made in a compact design which enables users to mount the product accurately, even on an orbiting rack. Precision ball screws with retainers This ball screw uses retainers that do not generate mutual friction with the balls.

Ball screws with especially high precision and cost performance are in particular demand. It is widely used in the feed mechanisms of various instruments, such as small rotating machines, telecom equipment, varied measuring equipment, optical instruments, aviation instruments, automatic control systems, various recording instruments and autopilot equipment.

Need Help! Looking for specs/docs on this Tsubaki ballscrew

No gap and preloading. Reasonable design, excellent processing technologies and production under consistent management systems from materials to shipping cataoogue safe tsubaki ball screw catalohue at all times. Professional reply with in 24 hours. It prevents the collision noise of the balls from occurring, diminishes the noise level, and improves the sound quality as well as the retention of the lubricant.

The right and the left screws are both standardized but other specialized items are also available on demand. Cold Rolled Ball Screw Application: Slide shafts These shafts can be used for guiding the ball bush bearings and other components to create highly accurate tsubaki ball screw catalogue movements without complication.


C5 C7 C10 precision; 5. With ttsubaki a week for sample; days for mass production. The right and the left screws are both standardized but other specialized items are also available on demand. Ball screws for industries in general We mass-produce the products by rolling and stock them after applying quenching treatment to be ready for immediate delivery. One Year Quality Guarantee. Ball ways series Precision ball ways This product bzll our world-class ultra precision steel balls.

Can you do ball screw end machine processing? The platform is extremely straight, serving to improve the precise mounting of the head article. We have applied NC grinding on six sides at the same time the datum clamp face and the four-row ball groove face. In order to meet the needs of the market,Tsubaki Nakashima has newly developed precision ball screw FB series by improving its production method and promoting its process integration. Ball screws series Precision roller screws Ball ways series.

Slide shafts These shafts can be used for guiding the tsubako bush bearings and other components to create highly accurate linear movements without complication. Ball screw for heavy load Catalgue Series Traditionally, the hydraulic cylinder drive has been the main equipment used in heavy-load machinery.

Lishui Wangong Precision Machinery Co.

100% Manufacturer distributor tsubaki ball screw catalogue For India Market

How can I get a sample to check your quality? Tsubaki Nakashima has recently standardized its ball screws for heavy load, doubling or tripling the rated load of the existing ball screws.

Precision ball screw FB series The market for feed mechanisms included in various machineries is in demand for new tsubaki ball screw catalogue screws with improved cost performance, reliability and environmental response. China catalogue book China catalogue design China cosmetic catalogue.

In addition, our products are also used in the aircraft passenger boarding bridge, PAXWAY, at airports, a control system for chemical plant piping, a control system for control rods used in nuclear power plants and a pressure tube inspection system.

Ball bushes This highly precise bearing with smooth and endless linear motion has been realized by applying the rolling motions.


The function is to turn the rotary motion into liner motion, which is a further extension and development of ball screw.

Precision roller screws Precision planetary roller screws The planetary system controls the movement and the rotation of the rollers, guaranteeing accurate motion, high acceleration, high speed and impact resistance of the roller screws even under adverse conditions such as contamination ice, dust or chemical substances or rough environment, which was not possible with the existing screws. Quality as good as TBI brand is high precision, long life use; Its features are also suitable for precision measuring equipment, precision machine tools and medical equipment which require high accuracy in linear movement.

They are used in airplane flaps, which require accuracy and a high level of safety that must be ensured in severe conditions. The caralogue of the screw axis have been standardized and the products prepared for mass production in order to realize short-term delivery. Furthermore, we have been researching various materials and developed products that can withstand extreme temperature shifts. Cold rolled ball screw.


Having minimal frictional resistance, the slide way is most perfect to be used as scerw component of high technology field mechatronics. Pay more attention to before-sale, in-sale, after -sales service; Thank you for visiting!!! They are effectively used in an operation control system for injection molding machines and parabolic antennas, where powerful, accurate motion is required.

Cylinder rails, Linear shaft, Couplings, etc. The price is significantly lower than for precision products. We can also pick you up at airport and station. ERSK is a manufactory which can export directly to customer, so there is no intermediary cost involved.